Monday, March 31, 2014

weekend wrapup

No transport.....

Caturday morning, mom locked us in the bathroom (except Junior who refused to cooperate) and then moved around the furniture..... and then two guys showed up and cleaned the carpet.

They did a great job, were very nice (they were from Stanley Steemer if you were curious) and the stairs look awesome!! Mom told the one guy she wasn't sure if she should be amazed or appalled.

And then it happened:

Mom was over at the adoption center for the rescue talking to the head rescue lady (Miss Mona). She mentioned that a woman had been trying to catch a cat and managed on Friday night to get her in a carrier on Friday and close the door. Of course, rather than call then, the lady waited and called Saturday morning - with the added bonus of "and I think she may have kittens".

By the time mom got over there, the momma cat had three kittens - two torties and one orange tabby that looks like mom. The concern was momma cat....and it turns out she isn't so friendly. For now she is in the bathroom and is caring for the kitts but is very unhappy. Mom is in contact with the rescue and we will see how things move forward.

But for now.....awwww:

Friday, March 28, 2014

Random Fridays

Still no new adoptions and no kittens. sigh....

Actually, there is a momma cat with 1 week old kittens that the rescue took in that needs a foster home. But apparently momma cat is pretty protective and if she gets a whiff of a dog or cat hanging around near her kitts, everyone is in big trouble (ie - she will go after people too). So, they are looking for a special foster home for her....

OMG - have you seen this video about the basset hounds? Watch til the end....and count the dogs.

Mom was volunteering at the shelter last night, and there was an invasion of Girl Scouts. They had brought in some donations and took a tour of the shelter and ended up playing with the cats.

The girl were pretty good (for being 5-7 years old). There were four cats out that they could interact with:

Lincoln is a 1 year old male gray tabby.

He was out and running around. The girls got out a wand toy and he had a blast running back and forth.
 Margaret is a 9 month old female brown tabby.

She and her brother were transferred in from a rural shelter a couple of weeks ago. She didn't mind the petting, but there were a few too many people for her and after a while she took shelter under a bench.

We have introduced you to Junior before. He had a blast playing with the girls, though less energetically than Lincoln. Mom decided to show the girls a trick and got Junior over to the sink and turned on the faucet. The girls thought it was hilarious that he drinks from the faucet. And bless the boy for behaving - mom caught one of the girls gathering water in her hands and baptising the poor boy. He took it all in stride and was passed out when mom left the shelter.

But the biggest surprise last night was Antony.
He is a 9 month old brown tabby - Margaret's brother.

He was sprawled out on a bench when the girls came in. They immediately came over and were loving on him and got out toys....and he LOVED it!!!  He spent the entire visit hanging out letting them pet him and whacking at the wand toys as they went by.

Thanks for the donations girls and stopping to play with the kitties!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thankful Thursday

We seem to say it alot, but we are VERY thankful to be a part of this cat and pet blogger community.

And now, in addition to just screwing around here on the web and on facebook, we have an official announcement:

Mom is now an associate member of the Cat Writers Association

Mom had to submit a story from the blog along with other information. We have been doing this a while, but mom wanted to send something to show our serious side. She could have sent Bourbon's story, but thought that might be a little long. Then she thought about sending this story. What can we say - it was late one night when she was thinking about this (cause really mom?? send a dog story to get admitted to a cat association are SO smart). And then she knew which story to send:

when mom first found her last summer

amazing how far she has come
and now at Petsmart waiting for her forever family

We want to thank the CWA for allowing mom to become a member. And we especially want to thank Miss Debbie from Glogirly (you know - the home of Katie and Waffles) for agreeing to sponsor mom.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Opt to Adopt - updates

Our boy Killian - was ADOPTED!!!!  In fact, while mom was out of town on Saturday, there were two applications that came in. Since no one could tell mom which came in first, she reviewed them both. Everything checked out but the one lady put that she wanted to declaw him (he is 2 years old) to protect her house.

So, Killian went home with a nice couple and will be their only boy. Mom took the other application to the adoption center and is going to have them contact the other family about some cats that we have that are already declawed.
CONCATS Killian!!!!

Mom and the head rescue lady often make the comment that those big boys go fast from the store. Not sure why.....but if it works, go with it.

Still no interest in Jasmine. We just find that very strange....

And now Charlotte is up there looking for her home too:

No word on Licorice yet either..... Come on ladies - work it a little!!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

weekend wrapup

First, HAPPY Birthday to our Grandpa!!!

Mom was gone most of the day on Saturday visiting friends. But....she got a text about applications for the cats at Petco - more on that tomorrow.

And the boys in green won again!!!  She doesn't like the late games (it started close to 9pm) but they won and are moving more basketball next weekend.

No transport this weekend. And it was CHILLY so no window whiffing either. sigh......

Friday, March 21, 2014

Random Fridays....

No news yet on Benny's new sister....we hope to hear soon. We will, as always, keep you posted.

Mom is off tomorrow afternoon to visit some friends that live nearby, so a quiet afternoon for us. Which will make up for the noise last night of her yelling at the TV. At least the boys in green won!!

And, now some other news. Ontario Bloodhound Rescue is the group that mom drives for most often. She jokes with the transport coordinator that she should just start calling herself a volunteer rather than a driver. :) Anyhow, like all rescues out there, they do fundraisers. Well, this is a pretty neat one. An artist named Stephen Kline does line drawings of animals and has a website  An adopter from OBR and her dog Thunder donated this:

Pretty cool right?? Well, the lines aren't just lines - each line is the word "bloodhound". OBR is selling tickets and you can win the print.

Ticket price: 1 for $5; 3 for $10; 10 for $20

Purchase Tickets On-Line

Using PayPal
Send funds to:  using your PayPal account.

Please do not "add special instructions to the recipient" when using PayPal, otherwise your donation will not enter you into the raffle.

Also, please choose "friends and family" instead of "goods and services" when prompted, to avoid processing fees.

Purchase Tickets via Snail Mail (cheque)
Make cheque payable to Ontario Bloodhound Rescue and mail to:
Ontario Bloodhound Rescue
766 Windham Road #13
Simcoe, Ontario, Canada N3Y 4K6

Draw Date: Saturday, April 19th at 12 noon DST

Winner will be notified by email and announced on the OBR Facebook Page.

Your participation in our draws and events enables Ontario Bloodhound Rescue to keep saving lives. We thank you for being a part of the team that's making a difference to those in need.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Some kitten

got her grumpy on last night.....

Mom was contacted by a couple that previously adopted from the rescue. Their boy Benny is now 10 months old and they know he needs a friend. They had seen Charlotte at Petco and found her on the website. Then they saw Jasmine at Petco and Charlotte was gone but Jasmine wasn't on the website. Oops. :)

Anyhow, mom sent them an email and they wanted to meet Charlotte. Mom suggested Saffron as well since she plays so well with Junior.

Last night mom got home and packed up Charlotte and Saffron. Charlotte occasionally chirped from the backseat and Saff sat in the carrier and sulked (which actually is an improvement since she normally howls the song of her people - LOUDLY).

Mom took Charlotte in first. They got her out and the couple cuddled her for a bit. Mom explained that first impressions are important but that it is the long term introduction that counts for more than anything. The husband brought out Benny. He hisses and growled and Charlotte just looked at him. Karen was hanging on to her and said she tensed some but never made a sound. Mom told them if it was going to go really badly, that would have been the moment. Name calling is always allowed.

So Benny went upstairs, Charlotte went back in her carrier and mom brought in Saffron.
Despite that sweet face, she does NOT like to go places. She was not happy but let Karen carry her around for a bit - curled up hiding her face. Jack carried her too, but Saff was decidedly not happy. Mom said they didn't even try to bring out Benny.

So, they are going to take Benny up this morning to meet Jasmine and think about it for a little bit and call mom with a decision. Both of them said they wished they had taken two when they adopted Benny (he was at Petco with his brother at the time) but oh well.....  Mom did say that with slow introductions (and she gave them some information to read) it would be fine either way.

We will keep you posted. But for now, Miss Saffron is NOT in the running. sigh...... Heck, she even growled at mom from the carrier when mom was putting her back in the car.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

mostly wordless Wednesday

It really is a shame that no one here knows how to relax.
We had some sun on Saturday and the top of the cat tree was pretty popular.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Opt to Adopt - Killian

Killian is a big headed 2 year old gray tabby boy.

He was rescued from a house where he was abandoned with 3 other cats. One of them was Jasmine from last week.
One other cat is being treated for medical issues and the fourth is feral and will be introduced into a colony. Their owner passed away and they had no where else to go. Jasmine was in pretty good shape and just needed to be spayed.

Killian had some MAJOR fleas and had to be neutered. Mom says he smells "all boy". :)  He cleaned up pretty good and just needs some food into him as he is a little skinny. But he put up really well with mom brushing him and clipping his nails and is super laid back.

We wanted to show you the cage set up at Petco since we keep talking about it.
There are four doors like this one. There are metal litter pans that fit into the floor that separate top from bottom and sliding doors that close side to side (though most cats figure out how to move them). If we need to keep cats separate, we put the pans in and each cat has two sides. 

The nice part is they are right in the front window. As things start getting warmer, the store puts a poster up in the window to block the sun from one side. If you look close in the picture above, you can see the hole in the floor - this allows the cats to go up and down if they are friendly and are allowed to interact (works well when mom takes a litter of kittens up there as it gives them a little more space to run around).

Monday, March 17, 2014

cuteness alert

Well, another weekend, another transport for mom.
Hey mom....that isn't a bloodhound.

Nope this is Shadow an australian shepard pup rescued by Speak for the Unspoken - a local rescue that specializes in placing special needs animals (mostly dogs).

Shadow is a white pup with blue merle markings and blue eyes. And yep....he is deaf. So is he high energy with a herding instinct and no ability to hear people. Well, he had been adopted and one of the drivers on the original transport fell in love with him. He was returned due to his energy level (sigh) and when the woman found this out, she called the rescue and said she wanted him. She has other dogs and knows about training and herding breeds. The rescue put him in foster for a quick re-evaluation to make sure nothing else was going on with him and then on Saturday packed him up and sent him on his way.

He spent most of the trip with mom snoozing in the back seat. We got an update Saturday night and he was safe in his new home already being loved on by his new mom and new pack. We love us a good happy ending.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Random Fridays.....

Kitten watch 2014 continues.....

We wanted to alert you to another tragedy, unfortunately. Ark Animal Shelter in Houlton Maine suffered a devistating fire. They had 16 cats cross the Bridge.  One of the online transport groups has set up a fundraiser account on their behalf. Imagine Home was transporting a cat to Ark on the day of the fire. Bliss was in the air when they got the call. Luckily HART of Maine was able to step up to take Bliss. But Imagine Home wanted to help in some small way.

Mom has said before, of all the things, fire scares her the most. Our hearts are broken for everyone involved with Ark.

Mom has a transport Saturday morning. And then.....more basketball. Oh well, despite the yelling at the tv, at least she stays in one place for a while.

Have a safe weekend. Rumor has it we are back to spring-like weather (for now....we do live in the midwest).

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thankful Thursday!!

We have said it before, but we love saying it....

So, let's see......

Mom heard from Dagwood's new mom the other day (he had been adopted and returned and his paperwork was missing, so Miss Bev was calling to see if it had been found). Seems Daggie moved right in and has been wonderful. They love him lots and while Doogan (their 13 year old female) is a little hesitant, he has been great with her. So, it was worth the wait for the perfect match.

We also heard from the Dust Bunny's new mom. She is doing wonderful and also fitting right into the family. Her new older sibling isn't too sure about her but they got busted the other day ALMOST sleeping next to each other. MOL 

And here is a serious flashback -

We had a litter of kittens named after nuts. And when mom left the humane society, she was able to tranfer them to the shelter where she volunteers now. Well our friend Miss Kelly was looking for a kitten for her brother and sister-in-law and decided to adopt Pecan for them. The nice part is when Miss Kelly goes to see her parents, she gets the updates from her brother who lives nearby. Pecan (they call her Squeekers and mom just can't do it) lives with a teenage boy and two big dogs....and from what we understand is completely in charge of everything.
 Pecan (June 2010)

Pecan (now)

And in an interesting turn, mom was at the shelter Tuesday night and was talking to a dad and daughter that had stopped in to look at the cats. Mom asked if they had adopted before and the girl said they got their last one from the shelter as a kitten and her name was Hazel.  Mom asked about the dates and it has to be our Hazel girl (Pecan's sister). She is doing very well, kind of shy but she was that way with us. :)
Hazel (June 2010)

 July 2010
Pecan, Pistachio, Hazel, Walnut

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Opt to Adopt - Jasmine

First - apparently our goofus mom published this on Sunday - forgot the change the publish date. some of you may be seeing this a second time - but this time with pictures of Jasmine.

Second some news: a couple of weeks ago we featured Dagwood. Well, he was adopted Friday night. A nice older couple saw him and fell in love. They have a 13 year old female cat that will have to get used to our boy, but he is pretty laid back so we don't forsee any issues.
Congrats Daggie!!

Now, on to our next contestant.....

With Dagwood going home Friday, mom headed over to the adoption center on Saturday to find another kitty to take to Petco. After a few bachelors didn't make the cut (one was unwilling to cooperate, one sneezed on mom and the last had boogers). Since mom doesn't want to be bringing anyone back right away, they moved on.

Well, there was a cute little girl in the kitten room and they decided to send her. She is super sweet and was rubbing on all the volunteers. She was found (as most of the rescues are) and wasn't going to survive on her own.

Meet Jasmine:

Monday, March 10, 2014

weekend wrapup....

Mom cracked the windows Friday afternoon:
Mo checking out the open window

Ivy and Tim enjoying the fresh air

Nothing like a little fresh air to kick off the weekend. She didn't leave them open over the weekend,
but at least we have some hope that spring is on its way.

Other than that, nothing much went on here.  Just hanging around.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Random Fridays....

We wanted to introduce you to a couple of stories you may never have heard about.

In the summer of 2007, staff and volunteer traveled to save several hundred cats that had been "rescued" and then neglected. It would take several months, but all the cats were sent to rescue or transported back to the sanctuary. You can read about the Great Kitty Rescue here.

Part of that rescue caused Shadow Cats in Texas to reach out to help. Prior to the rescue, they had mainly been involved in TNR. But something about this rescue caused the founders to say "we can do more". You can read the article Catster wrote about them here. Once again reaffirming to us that is takes a village. :)

Uncle Tim may have reached his limits with Saffron. She waits until he is curled up in bed with mom and then....JUMPS HIM!!!  Fortunately he doesn't have any issues with whapping her....but she rolls over so he has to figure out how to get past the pointy parts first. MOL

Fortunately, Junior thinks she is pretty fun so the two of them run all over the house at all hours.

Nothing too exciting here......have a safe and WARM weekend. Somebody said something about the 50s today here. Woohoo!!

Thankful Thursday

Mom is going through withdrawal.....

Don't get us wrong - every day we go without a call about kittens is a GOOD day as it is that many more days of having to run and try to save these little lives.

But mom misses the tinies.....

Gigi, Geoffrey and George 

Marble and Silver


Doc Holiday and Mustang Sally

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


That Saffron is trouble. She is ALL over the house and in to everything.  :)  Being just over 4 months old, that is to be expected.

Like many kittens, she has a crush on Uncle Tim.