Friday, September 7, 2018

Random Fridays

In case you missed the announcement on social media on Tuesday,
this little booger went home with his new mom. Concats Annatto!!!

places to go, things to do

OK - so it LOOKS like he is coming right toward you
In fact, he was backing away from the camera 

killing it with the cute

So....names. This gets harder all the time as mom keeps trying to be creative. However, she wandered around the internets and decided on beer from around the world. Meet the #worldbeerkittens

Mom will be Carling (England)

Our girl kitten will be Peroni (Italy)

Tuxedo boys will be Harp and Kilkenny (Ireland)

Brown tabby boy will be Marzen (Germany)

Orange tabby boys will be Sapporo and Kiri (Japan)

The kittens are all pretty friendly. Marzen is a little shyer than the rest. And Miss Peroni took herself on a tour of the condo the other night when mom opened the door to go into the foster room. Just marched down the hall right past Daiquiri and Chanel - tail straight up in the air all self confident. Mom is going to try to remember to break out the scale this weekend to get some weights. She is curious how much the little girl weighs and the differences between the boys.

Have a safe weekend and be sure to get in an extra nap. 


  1. That is so exciting that Annatto has a new home. Good news. I bet the other ones will find homes soon since they are so cute. Have a really nice day.

  2. Miss Peroni sounds like quite the adventurer!

  3. We did hear the news - but it's worth celebrating again! YAY, Annatto!!!!!
    Cam and Mags

  4. We are so happy for Annatto for finding their furever home. Such sweet photos of all these cute kitties. We love the photo of them backing up from the camera. Thanks for the wonderful share and great news. Have a fun kitty weekend all of you.
    World of Animals

  5. My human, of course, thinks Peroni sounds awesome!

  6. I'm not surprised Annatto was adopted swiftly. I'm surprised when they all aren't.

  7. Annatto was a real charmer, and I am not suprised he has a new home already!

  8. We're so happy for Annatto! Those are some interesting...but great names for the kittens.

  9. Extra nap ... we're all over it! The kittens sure know how to keep busy.

  10. Mom bean shared the news about Annatto - we're thrilled to hear he has a great furever home!

    Those babies are so darn cute! It must have been funny to see little Miss Peroni marching down the hallway. That must have been a big surprise for Chanel and Daiquiri. MOL!


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