Monday, July 31, 2023

Thank goodness for the air lock

 The fruit girls are enjoying being in the foster room. Mostly. They give mom a hard time in the mornings and demand freedom. To which mom says: not a chance. While it's nice the are people friendly, it makes it difficult to work. They get some time out in the evenings though and they spent most of the with house privileges. 

Thankfully they aren't quite tall enough to get over the gate so the inside door can be open without escapees.

Katie asked about their whiskers - they are starting to grow back and in fact Fig has a couple that have grown out. 



Apricot & Lychee

The girls do love those squeeze up treats

Monday, July 24, 2023

Switch back

 Mario and Luigi go back to the shelter today. They are doing very well and will hopefully get adopted quickly.

That means the girls will go back into the foster room which we are sure they will enjoy. They have been getting time out loose in the house, but they make work harder for mom so it will be nice for them to have more space during the day when they get a time out. 




They are all very sweet though Fig is the more independent of the three. They love toys and seem to be having fun with Boba though she can be a little rough on them (not intentionally - she's just bigger and plays hard).

Attack of Boba-saurus Rex

Still need to get some weight on them before surgery so they will be here for a little bit longer.

Monday, July 17, 2023

Weekend report

 Its been a week.

A good friend of mom's had a tornado hit her house so she's been supporting her from a distance as things settle in. She and her cats are ok but the rest is going to take time to fix.

We got a couple of older kittens from the shelter for a couple of weeks as they recover from colds. They are in the foster room since they are bigger. Meet Luigi (white markings) and Mario (all brown).

The little girls moved to a play pen in the living room since they are smaller. 

Someone asked on our last post about their whiskers. They ate like people hair or finger nails. They will grow out and then grown more. They already are a little bit longer.

Mom spent Saturday working on her desk area.

Sunday she let the little girls out to play. They had a good time running around. Though not too sure how they felt about being chased by Boba.

She found the open door.
Not sure she would be happy if it 
was zipped shut though. Haha

Monday, July 10, 2023

New kittens

 Gelato and Biscotti are at a partner store waiting (impatiently no doubt) for their family to show up. We will keep you posted.

In the meantime, the rescue did a little shuffling so we have kittens here that were bottle fed and then with another foster and are now here. There are actually 4 siblings, but their brother is being adopted by a good friend of the head of the rescue so he is living with them.




Meet the fruit girls. They are all very sweet and very playful. Mom did notice that all of them are missing their whiskers. After some investigation, turns out their brother has all of his whiskers. So we know who the viewer was in the family. Haha

Lychee is about 6 ounces lighter than her sisters. Most fosters with any experience will tell you there is always that one that has to be different. Mom is keeping an eye on their weights but she is acting normal so no worries. 

Boba has been in to play with them but is going to get herself banned if she doesn't start being a little more gentle. She is bigger and plays harder and we don't think she realizes it.

Monday, July 3, 2023

Boba Tea

 First an update: Mochi is doing great. She loves her new family, including the dog, and especially her new BFF Luna. 

In other news, Tiramisu & Zeppolli are now at a partner store looking for their forever homes. Biscotti and Gelato are being neutered today.

But on to the big news: Boba is now an official Random Feline.

We know some of you won't be surprised. We know others might. It certainly wasn't planned but there were a lot of factors that went into it. The biggest one being she fits in well with the rest of us and mom loves her - even when she is being rotten.