Monday, July 26, 2021

Weekend report

 Mom bought us a new Love scratcher to replace the previous Christmas castle. We seem to prefer the two tiered ones so this is ours.

Mom bought a smaller one that will go in the foster room. 

Aoili is feeling much better but not always nice to the littler kittens so the goal is to try to get her spayed asap. 

The littler kittens are doing well though Chutney and Tapenade seem to be the slowest growing kittens ever!!

Gordon continues to run around the house and act like a teenager. 

Monday, July 19, 2021

New set up

 Some Aoili needed more space and the panels were only keeping the little girls in, mom did some rearranging over the weekend. 

The panels came down, quick cleaning and Aoili was introduced to the others turns out now that she feels better she's a little skittish so mom will have to work on that with her as well as Harissa. 

Turns out Tapenade and Chutney didn't need baths either. Yay!! Mom combed them out well and they look much better. 

Every is doing pretty well together. The little girls love everyone. Aoili is still figuring things out. Cameron likes to sit and watch everything. Harissa is usually near the little girls. 

Friday, July 16, 2021

Goofy boy

Someone suggested #saucygirls yesterday for the kittens. I may go with #saucygirlkittens just to be safe from the weirdos on social media.

 Gordon went to be neutered yesterday. Mom isn't sure what it is about the combination of meds this vet uses but every kitten cones back very HIGH.

Mom tried to leave him in the carrier for a while but got tired of the pitiful howling. Her first words were "stay off the stairs".

He did come back with meds for a kitty cold so he's here for a little bit longer. 

Oh....and he weighs 4 pounds!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

The naming....

 So everyone know we love a good theme. In this case we think we have cute names for the girls....though mom can't think of a good hashtag.

Meet Aioli

She is our newest arrival. Found by a volunteer just sitting on a hot sidewalk. Parasites, fleas and snot. Oh my. Fortunately we are just down to meds for the snot. Once she is fine with her meds she will move to the foster room.

Meet Harisa: you've met her before. But she needed a better name. She is still hand shy - she will duck and run if you come at her directly and too quickly. But she will come over looking for attention and relaxes pretty quickly once she's caught.

Meet Chutney and Tapenade. pictures. They need a bath (again). More pictures once they are cleaned up. They are still behind the panels in the foster room but those may come down soon. They ate still pretty little but doing well. Except for that self cleaning thing but we are hoping that gets better after this next bath. 

Cameron is hanging with the girls. 

And of course Gordon has decided he lives in the house and his favorite game is dive bombing Chanel. She's thrilled (not). 

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Let's see....

 One out....and one in.

Brigid was adopted this weekend, so that just leaves Taliesin at the adoption center (no, we don't know what is taking so dang long). 

Mom decided to get the name game going.

Kitten now to be known as Harisa

The little girls (who need another bath
...oh joy) are now Tapanade and Chutney. 
**if you have a good hashtag for these names, let us know

Mom was at the adoption center on Saturday when a volunteer brought in a very pitiful kitten found just sitting in the middle of a hot sidewalk. She's in a crate since she has a kitty cold but she got cleaned and and is now safe. She's pretty skinny but friendly and has a short tail. Stating with the theme: meet Aoili

Cameron is doing well. He and Harisa aren't always sure what to do with each other, but they seem to get along.

Gordon of course is loose in the house and having a grand time. He has learned to respect Ivy and Daiquiri. Chanel and Goldfish not so much....

Friday, July 2, 2021

one down

 Brigid went back to the adoption center. We have a juvenile room so she is in there with some space to run around. Danu, Alator and Herne have been adopted but Taliesin is in the room. They came face to face and there was much hissing. haha

Gordon let himself back out of the foster room again so he is hanging out in the condo. He is SO much better behaved. Being out gave him access to the girls and Chanel has made it very clear to him that his sass is not going to be allowed. Plus he spent about a week in the foster room with Brigid who kicked his butt regularly as well.

Everyone else in the foster room is doing well. Miss Spice is still hand shy and a little hissy, but she comes around pretty quickly once mom grabs her. In fact she took a nap on mom's lap earlier this week. Now to convince her that all approaches are ok. 

The little girls are eating great but still very messy so they are still behind the panels.