Friday, December 30, 2016

Year in Review - Part 2

  Muscari got adopted and there was some banging of fireworks in our area.

  Mom continued to work with the shy tortie girls from the tree kitten group.

  We showed you the FIV room being built for our rescue group (it is now open and cats have been adopted!!)

  We had some sad news when we learned Trillium from the flower group passed away. He was pretty sick and being cared for by another foster lady.

  Mom took a short vacation to Maine and spent some time with the cat ladies from Tails from the Foster Kittens, Love and Hisses and Whiskers in the Window. They took a shelter tour while they were there.

  Mom continued to work with the tree kittens. And Cedar got adopted!

And toward the end of the month, we were joined by the Patriot Girls - Liberty and Freedom.

  Ivy turned 8 years old and Tommy celebrated his 11th Gotcha Day.

  Amaryllis got adopted and we added a couple of kittens for a short period of time.

 We celebrated our 7th blogoversary!

  Did a little TNR.

  Sherlock got into trouble and adopted all on the same day.

 The beer kittens showed up as fosters.

 Mom completed another change to the foster room.

  And then Marilyn and her kittens moved in as well.

  Daiquiri turned 2 years old.  Fiona the feral momma cat and her kittens joined us. And then Wheat made an appearance to join the beer kittens.


  Mom continued to get her baby fix from Marilyn's boy - Russell and Monroe while we tried to figure out what to do with Fiona and her kittens.

  Hops got adopted!! And the brandy kittens finally got their names.

  Spud celebrated a birthday, Barley went to the adoption center and we got a new girl kitten.

  Things got bad locally here when the county dog shelter screwed up in a major way.

  There was a kitten report about Wheat, Saldano and the brandy kittens and Marilyn's boys.

  Mozart celebrated a birthday.

  The brandy kittens had some health issues but continued to do ok and every foster kitten was well.


  Mom was on her way to the annual fundraiser when a young orange cat wandered up to her (isn't that how it always works?). She picked him up, took him to the rescue and named him Waffles. He has since been adopted.

  Mom continued on working to get Liberty and Freedom socialized. Tommy celebrated a birthday. And Marilyn and the kittens moved to the foster room.

  The kittens continued to do well and loved having more space.

  Unfortunately, mom came home from work one afternoon and discovered that Monroe had crossed Rainbow Bridge.

  Dandelion came back as a foster. (sigh) The kittens got a new toy and continued to do well. Sumac got adopted and the brandy kittens started turning white. We also learned that Hemlock passed away in her sleep at the adoption center.


  All the kittens continued to do very well, though the brandy kittens took their sweet time gaining weight. Russell and Saldano finally did make weight and headed up to the adoption center.

  Wheat went home with her new family and Marilyn went off to a partner store to look for hers.

  We continued on the v-e-t adventure with Dandelion to figure out what is going on with him.

  The brandy kittens were the only ones left in the foster room and got themselves a castle.

   Mom took the brandy kittens out in public. Kirsch and Calvados made it over 2 pounds and were scheduled for surgery as well.

  Russell and Saldano were adopted!! (not together) Marilyn also got adopted!!

  Cassis came and joined the foster group.

  The brandy kittens temporarily joined the kitten fight club. There was a BIG adoption event over the Thanksgiving weekend. Mom was at a couple of remote locations. Kirsch and Calvados were both adopted that weekend (not together).

  There was an update on the patriot girls as we pushed to try to find them a home.


  The patriot girls went to one of our local partner stores when a cage opened up.

  Dandelion was tested and vetted and we still don't have any good answers about his snot.

  We won a new piece of cat furniture.

  The remaining two brandy kittens continued to do well.

  At 4 months old, Chambord finally made weight to get spayed and then shortly thereafter went to the adoption center. She went home on 12/23.

 We wished you all a Merry Catmas.

Thank you as always for being our friends and following along on our adventures. We love having your purrs and support for the good and the bad times. We wish you all a happy and healthy 2017!!

Numbers: 26 kittens this year. There are still 4 left to be adopted: Dandelion, Liberty and Freedom, and Cassis. We did have 4 kittens pass away. Everyone else is adopted.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Year in Review - Part 1

  Those French City Kittens were still in residence.

  A local group of artists donated cat art to raise money for targeted TNR in our area:

  Miss Calais (now Isadora or Izzy) went home to Connecticut. And we got an update.

  Tostada finally got adopted!!

  Nashville came back and hanging out with us to get over a cold.

   After several weeks at one of our partner stores, Margarita found her forever home!!!

   Mom started working on the "new" foster space in the house. It is still a work in progress, but she is glad she figured it out and it gives her the bathroom back. MOL

  Daiquiri developed a weird fascination with the TV in the bedroom.

  Nashville was ADOPTED!!!!

  On March 25, the air was sucked out of the house when Tim crossed Rainbow Bridge. Mom still misses him very much....especially when she sits with the foster kittens since he was so much help in raising great kittens.

  Fortunately to lighten mom's heart, we got a laugh out loud update on Izzy.

  Then these guys arrived:

  We celebrated Mom's birthday and she got a cute present from the kid. And of course, LOTS of pictures of the new kittens - who were named after a flower theme: Amarylis, Muscari, Trillium, Orchid and Dandelion.

  We got some eyeballs:
  And the baby antics continued:

  Then suddenly the flower kittens were 4 weeks old:
Orchid (her leg warmer gives her away)


  The flower kittens turned 6 weeks old and mom began to notice some medical issues with Trillium.

  Mom posted about Dog Bite Prevention Week along with 4 other bloggers.

  The kittens continued to grow though there were continued concerns about Trillium.

  The kittens turned 2 months old!!

  Mom took a trip to Best Friends Animal Society with the kid and her parents. part 2 and CalMar
    Mom also wrote about the measure of character after meeting a special cat there.


  The first of the tree kittens showed up to gain some social skills and were introduced to the flower kittens.

  The tree kittens got names and both groups of kittens melded into one family (though momma cat Amaryllis surely would have been fine without more kittens in the house).

  We posted about Amaryllis trying to find her a home since she was ready to go.

  The 6th tree kitten showed up.  The kittens continued to grow and goof off.

  Trillium continued to stay with another foster mom and the remaining flower kittens went up to the adoption center.

  Mom continued to work with the tree kittens hoping to get the skittish kittens more social.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Almost time

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday no matter how you celebrate. Mom was in Tennessee with her family and had a wonderful time. The pet sitters are great, but we are glad she is home.

The spay/neuter clinic is closed this week, so mom will call next week to get Cassis all set up for her spay surgery and then she will go to the adoption center to find her new home.

For those who didn't see it on facebook, Chambord was adopted on Friday!! She went home with a family with 2 older kids and they adopted another kitten at the same time. 

Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry Catmas

We are hanging here in the gingerbread house waiting for Santa Paws to show up with presents.

We wish ALL of you a very Merry Catmas and Happy Holidays. We are posting this now since we take weekends off. 

Thursday, December 22, 2016

not the sharpest knife

Dandelion is a special boy. Not much seems to bother him - if he were a person, he would be that image of a surfer dude. But that said....he probably won't be helping you with your math homework either (if you know what we mean).

One of his favorite places to sleep is stretched out behind the cat ladder up against the wall. He leans his head against that arched scratcher and he is out like a light.

The other night mom had to move some things in order to tighten the tension on the cat ladder. When she did, the arch got moved slightly and is now a little bit over the floor vent. Dandelion went over and was snoozing and unbeknownst to him, Mozart crawled under the arch into his own private heated mancat cave. And upon doing so, the arch moved slightly and Dandelion was startled awake.

He KNOWS there is something going on....but cannot quite figure it out.

Mom mentioned it on facebook and Dandelion's other foster mom mentioned that she hadn't wanted to say anything but while he is super sweet, he is a little....dim. MOL  That about covers it. He does get along with every cat here, loves people, doesn't mind being out in public. But....not the sharpest knife....

**Have we mentioned recently that he is available for adoption and looking for his forever home???

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

wordless Wednesday (almost)

*some cat (Tommy) was a little TOO helpful during the photo shoot for the review yesterday

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Wellness treats #ChewyInfluencer

We got Wellness treats from for our review in December. They come in 6 varieties and we got to try the chick-hen. They are grain free though they do have some veggies and fruits in there.

All mom has to do around here is shake a bag and we will all magically appear!! Even Dandelion and Cassis got in on the action this time.

treats for the baby? thank you very much

Everyone liked these....even Ivy and Mozart who can be picky sometimes.

mom couldn't resist this shot - from top to bottom that is
Dandelion, Cassis and Spud

Mom is trying to keep us grain free so she is glad these were offered. Most of us will do just about anything for treats, though occasionally Ivy and Mozart will stand back and not be interested. Not with these was handing them out and then gave out seconds just in case.

*Thanks for giving us the treats to try. We are a #ChewyInfluencer and got our treats for free but that does not influence our opinions in any way. Reviews on this blog are our honest opinion.