Friday, November 30, 2018

Random Fridays

all girl meeting - you not invited
(no idea where Ivy was at this moment)

Chanel always looks skeptical and Goldfish always looks kind of shocked

Goldfish continues to come out of her shell. She has taken to sleeping on the bed at night - problem is of course that she turns up and mom is asleep so they tend to startle each other occasionally. Goldfish has also taken to sitting on a scratcher that is behind mom's favorite chair. Mom will talk to Goldfish, tip her head back to look at her and occasionally get bold and touch a Goldfish toe.

Next step will come this weekend. Mom is going to try sitting on the floor and seeing how close Goldfish will come for treats. Wish her luck.

Mom took Chanel out last weekend for Christmas pictures. Because mom was in a hurry, she didn't read the descriptions very closely and realized at the last minute that this session would have Santa. She was supposed to meet some friends and their dog so she went ahead and packed up Chanel on Saturday. Chanel doesn't mind meeting new people but she isn't a big fan of being held - even by mom (although she has more than once let the vet pick her up and flip her over which mom just finds weird). got Chanel out of her carrier and let her check out the store. First step was trying to get back IN the carrier which wasn't happening. Then mom had her sit at Santa's feet and eventually put her up on his lap. She never struggled and with the help of some bells, they got these pictures (this is the same photographer who took last year's Christmas pictures - he is amazing):


  1. OMC, those pictures are amazing! It's great Chanel posed for them so beautifully, even with the help of bells. And that Santa is fantastic--he's perfect. :-)

  2. She's so cute! Love how they turned out!

  3. Goldfish reminds my human a little bit of Boodie, when Boodie first came to live with her. Eventually she did come out of her shell around people (I think Binga helped, and later I did too), but it took a long time. It sounds like Goldfish is progressing faster than Boodie, though!

    Those Santa photos with Chanel are awesome!

  4. Those are amazing photos of Chanel! Cupcake says fat chance she'll sit on a stranger's lap, so Chanel wins Christmas.

    Your descriptions of Goldfish remind us so much of Ashton when she was an untrusting kitten. If Ashton can become a sweet cat who asks for attention, so can Goldfish!

  5. Oh, to be the fur on the wall at that girls' conference ...

  6. That second pic needs to be a Christmas card.

  7. Well good luck with Goldfish this weekend. Dad loves the all girl meeting picture!

  8. Wow -- those are some great Santa pics! I love Santa's outfit and Chanel looks so beautiful.

  9. That is so great that Chanel let Santa hold her. Amazing. Great pictures. Have a good day and good luck with Goldfish.

  10. Those pix with Santa came out GREAT!!!
    Can Cam and I come to the all-girls meeting?!?
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  11. Oh, those girls, they sure enjoy each other's company. Good luck with Goldfish!

    The Santa photos are precious.


  12. Pawsome pictures with Santa ! Good luck with Goldfish ! Purrs

  13. We're so excited about Goldfish coming out of her shell. We hope Mom's sitting on the floor with her this weekend was fruitful!

    Those Chanel photos with Santa ... OMC! They're awesome!


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