Thursday, September 28, 2023

the old, the shy, the different #RememberMeThursday

 a post by the mom

This is the time of year when adoptions can slow for rescues and shelters. The Helen Woodward Foundation started Remember Me Thursday to shine a light on those animals still looking for their forever homes. 

Kittens tend to always be adopted quickly. But what about others? What about the non-kittens: the older ones, the shy ones, bonded pairs, differently abled? Often overlooked by most, especially if they aren't outgoing and trying to catch the attention of people walking through a shelter or adoption center.

After over 20 years in rescue, I can tell you one very important thing: the cats that have been at a shelter the longest or seem more shut down are the ones that need you the most. And once they are home and feeling secure, they are the ones that will be the most appreciative. I can't begin to tell you the number of times people have said they were glad to have taken a chance on the ones no one else were looking at and then realized how much love they received once the cat decompressed. It may not be a quick process but it is always worth it. For reference, the common belief it can take 3 days to decompress, 3 weeks to adjust to new routines and 3 months to really relax in their new home. And these are just suggestions - each cat is different. 

If you have the time and patience and right household, you will be rewarded so many times over. You can always search Petfinder for cats in your area. You can search by zip code and then narrow it down from there. 

Keep in mind - if you can't adopt, rescues always need other forms of help. Money donations are always welcome and most rescues have wish lists on amazon or chewy. The shelter where I volunteer is CHA Animal Shelter and their wishlist is here.

Just sharing pictures of available adoptables on social media helps. Please be sure to include a link to the rescue and the city and state where they are located. If you can, check if they do adoptions that are not local as every rescue has different requirements. 

Mostly be as supportive as you can. Give your time, your money, your voice. It all makes a difference.

Monday, September 18, 2023

Updates has been slacking.

Apricot and Fog are at a partner store waiting to be adopted. Lychee is being spayed today.

The Italian city kittens are doing well. Palermo have mom a scare last week but 12 hours later was acting like nothing happened. 

Mom deep cleaned, disinfected and reset the foster room and they have been loving the space to run around and play.

Boba has jumped the gate a couple of times to check them out, but she is rude and growly so mom ends up kicking her out fairly quickly.

Everyone else is doing well. The weather cooled off some so we are enjoying open windows and fresh air.

Friday, September 8, 2023

Baby jail

 First, thank you for the kind words on social media. If you didn't see it, Mondavi of the Italian city kittens passed away on Wednesday.


The other little kittens are still in the playpen. It will be a few more days before they get into the foster room. Movibg other kittens around and need to deep clean.

In the meantime, to give them more space, mom attached tespo panels. Asti climbed the playpen and escaped. 

After several attempts, mom couldn't get the top completely blocked off. 

But wait....what about the large crate? And why has THAT never occurred to get before.

And the kittens said: the crate is square, the playpen is round. We can escape. So much for baby jail 2.0 now there is a panel in the far corner. Hopefully that works (don't hold your breath).