Thursday, March 31, 2011

That didn't go as planned.....

Well, the v-e-t came over last night. Mom put Spud in the bathroom and he banged on the door to get out. However, Dr. Taylor and her tech found him in the cabinet drawer when they got in there. He was vaccinated and weighed and was apparently deemed "very adorable". Spud weighs in at 11.5 pounds.

Mom managed to get a half pill of Ivy's sedative in Junior. However, it didn't work quite as well as she had hoped. But, she managed to get him cornered in the 2nd bedroom and then carried him into the living room wrapped in a fleece blanket. It is the first time she has held him since last fall. We don't think he was overly fond of the whole idea. However, mom wanted him vaccinated and microchipped. They took him into the bathroom (to insure no escape route). No noise, so mom presumed it went well. However, she found a chip on the floor this morning. There is a vet clinic behind her office, so she asked them to scan it....yep - it was the chip that was supposed to be IN Junior. Mom left a message for the vet this morning, but she isn't sure how that is going to work. Junior spent most of the rest of the evening in the bathroom and most of the night in the yellow cube. Junior weighs about 11 pounds, and since he is just about 10 months old, mom is thinking he may be close to full grown.

Maestro got weighed and looks pretty good. Down about 1/2 pound since last fall, but since he had been losing weight pretty fast before that, mom and Dr Taylor seemed OK with his weight (about 8 pounds).

And then there was Mozart......
     The boy was just BAD!!! He can be so charming. He was loving on the tech and Dr. Taylor. Then
     they grabbed him and tried to vaccinated him and he had a FIT!!! He tried to bite the tech, the vet 
     and me! Considering he is normally my charming child, I was took several tries to
     get the second vaccine into him.

It wasn't that bad mom.
    She wrote the word CAUTION on your file you brat!!!!!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

More 2 headed cats

Mo & Spud

Spud & Tim

Tim & Ivy

Mo & Ivy

Mo & Tim

Tom & Tim

Anybody else notice how Tim is in most of the picture?? He is very popular!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

geez mom.....

Take a shower or something.  :)  She was helping last night with another transport coming through our town from Missouri to New York. Cleaning those cages makes her a little ripe.  MOL

     Hey - I will have you know I wasn't too bad until that pomeranian peed on me.

Whatever mom. We appreciate the hard work you put in, but we are glad you showered before bed.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Mo's weekend review

First, we want to send Purrs to Sweet Praline and her mom. Please stop by and let them know you are thinking about them too...

It wasn't very exciting here this weekend. Which can be very nice. The weather wasn't very warm, so no open windows. Does Mother Nature know it is spring???

Mom did another transport - this time on Friday night.  This is Amber. She is a 7 yr old bloodhound and was very sweet.

We spent most of the weekend goofing off when we weren't playing with our new toys. Mom had to rescue a blue fuzzy mouse from the water dish several times. The cube has been a blast. Mom couldn't get the video camera out fast enough at one point to catch Junior - he managed to have it collapse with him in it and he ran around in circles trying to get out. Mom had to let him go cause he freaked out more when she got close. While we know it may not be nice to laugh - it was pretty funny.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

2 headed girl diva cat....

It is a new creation that appeared in the living room the other day - mom got a picture!!

By the way, mom says the house looks like there was a mousey massacre - there are toys EVERYWHERE!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

We got mail....

So we were participating in a toy exchange with Cuddles and Catnip. And our package came yesterday!! Mom brought it upstairs and we were all snoopervising as she got out the scissors to cut it open. The package was HUGE and mom was surprised by how much was in there!!!


And, even better, since there were some great catnip toys in there, EVERYTHING smelled like the nip. Everyone went nuts while mom was trying to take pictures and get everything sorted out. We got fishing toys (mom hid those since we tend to be a little rough) and lots of mouseys and balls. And PING PONG BALLS!!! We love those....we have had them before but keep losing them.... Mom put up the nip toys but we think we saw a 'mato!! Mom said since Tommy is a mean drunk that we are only allowed to have those toys when she is home to make sure he doesn't hurt anyone. But the cute paw blankets smelled like nip and Tim spent lots of time rolling on them. The cube was great - mom thinks Chiclet slept in it last night.

Oh, and there was gooshy food and treats that mom said we are going to party with this weekend. And a mouse on a strechy string that attaches to a doorknob that Junior is OBSESSED with!!!

And now for some pictures....

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Birfday grandpa.....

Mom is going over to have dinner with her parents tonight since it is grandpa's birthday! Mom won't tell us how old he is, but we suspect he is pretty old (at least to us).

(the picture is a couple of years old, but you can at least know who we are talking about)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday....

Mom bought us one of those emery cat things hoping it will help with Ivy's nails. So far Ivy won't use it and the only one mom has seen on it at all is Tommy.

However, it came with this toy that attaches to the side. Mo got it loose in under 30 seconds and this was the results....

Monday, March 21, 2011


Mom has jury duty this week which means she isn't at work most of the time (and since that is where she checks our blog and yours, she may appear to be slacking off). However, it means she got home early today and the windows are OPEN!!! It is about 70 degrees here today and while it is overcast, at least it is warm.
Oh, and if you please could maybe send some purrs to our cousin Max. Seems the puppy mistook him for a stuffed toy and now he is limping a little. They don't think it is anything serious, but Max is a senior man at 14 yrs old. His mom says he is doing all the normal things, just limping and not putting much weight on that one foot.  We heard that Minnie got in trouble for it all, but since she is just a baby dog, we aren't sure how much good THAT will do.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

easy weekend...

Mom went out yesterday and had breakfast with friends. Then got some groceries and spent the afternoon watching those guys on tv chasing the orange ball around a court. We suspect today may be more of the same. But at least the weather is nice and mom cracked the windows to let in some fresh air and smells!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday frustration.....

The rescue where I do most of my volunteer work has had some great adoptions and has space for some nice adoptable kitties. YEAH!!! Then I got thinking - what about Chiclet? She certainly isn't getting adopted sitting in my living room! Maybe her rescue would let me transfer her to the other one....

Nope. I sent the leader a message asking for her permission and explaining the situation. She said "She can come here, that's not a problem. Bring her anytime" (their adoption center is WAY overcrowded which is why Chiclet is still with me)

I told her I wasn't trying to get rid of Chiclet - just trying to help her find a home. Normally I don't have much to do with this group due to some of the things I have heard them say in the past. But I needed help with Bug and they stepped up by letting me foster Chiclet and her kittens. Then I fostered another group for them as well.

I just don't understand the mentality....why not accept an offer of help??? I suppose I could just "adopt" her and then take her to the other shelter, but that is underhanded and I don't want to do that. Aren't we all trying to accomplish the same thing here? Guess not - and that is just sad....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

what a mancat....

Who are those handsome mancats you ask??? Junior and Mozart were playing the other day and mom tried to get a picture to see if you could see how big Junior is getting. Mozart weighs about 8.5 pounds (more or less). Junior is now about 10 months old....and actually bigger than Mo. If things go well, the v-e-t is going to check him out on the 30th and update his vaccinations and microchip him.
Also, World Vets and other organizations and blogs are getting together today to give to those animals in Japan that need help. We have donated! Have you????

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Adopt the Internet

Petfinder Adopt-the-Internet Day

WOW - Petfinder is celebrating 15 years of saving animals on the Internet!!!

You can meet Chiclet here. She has been my foster since last fall when she came to me with her kittens. All the kids have been adopted and Chiclet is still looking for her forever home. She is about a year old, very sweet and lovey. Plus she started getting more playful - she was chasing her tail last night (couldn't get the video camera out fast enough). She lives with other cats and is just a wonderful girl.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Score one for mom....

Some of you who have been following us for a while may remember mom's ongoing battle to trim Ivy's nails.

Now, some of us are good about letting mom do it to us (Tim, Tom & Mozart). Maestro is front declawed. And Junior and Spud don't seem to have issues with theirs getting over-long. Even Chiclet is good about letting mom trim her nails.

But not the Princess. She is BAD!!! She screams and swears and tries to bite. Even the vet techs are wary of her. Mom can'tdo it herself since Ivy as to be restrained and it takes 2 hands to trim nails. She has recruited help from friends. She tried a sedative. She was concerned about where this was going to lead. See, Ivy's nails grow really fast and really long. As of the other day you could hear her snicking on the carpet as she walked and she was getting stuck to things. Mom is concerned one day one of her nails will overgrow into a pad (and then Ivy would be really crabby).

Anyhow, mom tried something different on Sunday. She took a fleece and folded it into thirds and put it on the bathroom floor. She grabbed Ivy and wrapped her up in the blanket, being sure to cover the back feet and her head. Then mom laid on the floor, tucked Ivy under one arm, and ignoring the swearing (the girl knows some words that CANNOT be repeated), she managed to trim Ivy's nails. And no one got hurt!!

Score one for mom....

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Gotcha Day Zheyna!!!

Mom is back in the transport business since the car thing is (mostly) worked out. Yesterday she helped transport an 18 month old female pitty puppy from GA to PA. Normally mom is just a leg in the middle, but in this case, Kerry (the adopter) was so excited that she took the last two legs of the transport. So mom had the happy job of uniting Zheyna with her new mom.

Congrats to both of them and purrs to many happy years.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Goodbye sweet Mickey

Please send purrs and kitty kisses to Mickey's family as he has crossed the Bridge:

We also want to join everyone thinking about those in Japan during the earthquake and tsunami. We can't begin to imagine how scary that would be (and it makes us glad we live in the middle of the US - no big waters around here).

Friday, March 11, 2011

the slow blink

I seem to remember reading somewhere that when a cat blinks at you slowly or winks at you, it is a sign of affection. So, last night Tim was sitting near my feet and winked at me. I blinked back. He winked again and this time I winked back.

Then he stared at the ceiling for a few seconds and rolled over to lick his behind.

Should I take that personally??  LOL

Thursday, March 10, 2011

kitten adoption update


He is the last of the chickens to be adopted. I went to check on him last night and his name band had been changed to read "adopted". Another foster family brought in their kittens (another group of brown tabbies) and he came out his shell with kittens his own size. And he was adopted with one of the girls from that group, so he has a new home and a new sister!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mom's delusional thought of the day....

So, mom isn't feeling too hot. Sounds like she has a hairball but nothing comes up. And she doesn't want to take off from work since she just got back...though we aren't sure what difference it makes since she told us she is sitting at her desk trying not to doze off.

Anyhow, she was standing in the kitchen last night before bed and had taken one of those pills to make her cough more. Then she saw the cough medicine to make you cough less. She wondered out loud what would happen if she took both....would she explode from the pressure????  MOL

Also, if you haven't seen it, there is a CODE RED URGENT over at Brian's Home to help save Little Bit. We are sorry we aren't closer to try to help.....

wordless Wednesday

Who's cuter???

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Purrs for KC

We be sending purrs and kitty kisses to KC and her mommy at The Sherwood Bunch. Miss KC isn't feeling very well right now....

Monday, March 7, 2011

Junior Monday...

Junior was the guy I worried most about while I was on vacation. I was gone 5 days to Florida, back for 4 days and then left again for a week. My crew is used to it, but I was afraid this would be too much for my semi-feral boy. I am impressed by his progress....he will still run if I move too fast, but he recovers pretty quickly too. However, there is no picking up or scratching unless I am in bed. Saturday night he got up with everyone else and laid on top of me, but when I reached out to scratch his ears, he ducked and then jumped off the bed. I was a little heartbroken. However, a few hours later he was back and let me scritch him. He was jumpier than normal, but willing to give me a chance to re-earn his affections.

The entire crew has been pretty needy. Mo was "helping" me post yesterday (if having the 8 pound cat right in front of you is helping). When I finally sat down Saturday evening, what surprised me most was that Chiclet was the first up in my lap. awww.....

Sunday, March 6, 2011

What a trip....

I am going to try to get more posted this week, but wanted to let everyone know that I made it home safe and sound (and have been getting the kitty love - Mo is sitting with me right now).

The trip to Utah from Las Vegas wasn't bad until the last 70 miles or so - then we drove into snow...blinding, can't see the lines on the road, snow. And of course the locals were sure we were driving too slow (in our little rented Toyota Corolla) so we were passed.... A LOT!! But we made it there. Sunday morning found more than 2" of the white stuff on the car:

Sunday afternoon we did some exploring and then went to Zion National Park to do some hiking. Of course I forgot my boots. DeLynn and Kelly headed up a trail and I took a picture and was going to head back to flatter (and less icy) ground. At that point, I turned, my foot slipped and next thing I know, I was staring at the sky. Don't panic - I am fine, though I was walking funny for a few days (old knee injury that did not approve of the slide).

Monday morning was orientation and Monday afternoon was over at Morgaine's in Cat World. We spent time socializing and then took Mokie and Cissy (2 yr old sisters) on an overnight. Yes - you read that right - you can take certain animals back to your hotel overnight!!!
DeLynn, Kelly and Mokie


Tuesday we walked dogs in the morning at the Gardens and then more cats in the afternoon at Casa de Calmar where the FeLV cats live. We didn't take an animal that night - once you do, you can't leave them alone in the room, so you are eating take out and we wanted to enjoy a night out. A lot of the restaurants in Kanab are pet friendly and you can eat on their patios with a dog, but it was too cold for that and a lot of them close in winter (next trip - APRIL).
Lillian and Batgirl (with DeLynn and I)


Wednesday was...PUPPY CLASS!!! We got to work with 5 puppies and about 12 people. What fun. Most of the puppies were wound up, but we got Monarch. He is a super sweet and mellow 3.5 month old male black lab (we had to make DeLynn take the "no more black labs" oath after class).  Then back to cats in the afternoon and we went to Kitty Motel were the FIV kitties live. DeLynn and I took a tour of the Bunny House which was very interesting as well. Wednesday night we took Courage on an overnight.



Thursday we helped clean in Cat World in the am for a change of pace. We were sent to Benton's House. They take a little longer to get moving in the am due to meds and other things, but we spent some time getting some love and then got down to cleaning. After lunch Kelly and DeLynn went back to dogs to do some walking (and find us an overnight friend) and I went back to Bentons to do some walking of my own with Bob. We took Mercy overnight and she was great. After we ate, we all relaxed on the beds in one room of the suite and watched some TV. Kelly and Mercy and I were on my bed and I jokingly said that I had $5 that Mercy spent the night with the one person on the trip that doesn't own a dog. Yep - Mercy spent the night with me. She was great - though a bit of a bed hog.  :)

Bob on a leash


Friday we took Mercy back to Dogtown and then had some breakfast, got packed and headed back to Las Vegas where we spent the night at the Rio. Kelly took us gambling and we also took a shuttle to the strip and spent a couple of hours looking around.

And guess who I found in Benton's - Hugo's (from House of Cats) cousin.... Mom was cleaning, saw him, backed up to look again and then burst out laughing. She didn't even have to pose him - he was sitting just like this:

Oh, and the surprise: Mom got to meet the ladies from Housecat Confidential and Katnip Lounge. Fin sent us some cat treats that mom promises to break out this afternoon.

So, all in all, a great time was had by everyone. And this explains why mom hasn't been commenting on your blogs lately. She is going to try to get some reading done today, but she has to get caught up at work starting tomorrow, so her online self may be spotty. Oh, and after 2 weeks back at work, she has....JURY DUTY! sigh.....

Friday, March 4, 2011


She went away again....was it something we said???? MOL

Actually, she is trying to make an annual trip to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah. She went last year (you can read about her trip by clicking here - just scroll down to the bottom and read your way back up).

This year, she and a few friends were thinking about going in March. But Nancy's daughter is getting married in May. And apparently there was something in the water at Walgreen's cause there are 5 pregnant pharmacists and Kelly was told no vacation. They were going to take a long weekend, but ends up that Kelly's vacation in Feb/March changed so mom, Kelly and DeLynn left last Saturday and are now on there way back.  And there may be a surprise to tell you about....