Monday, July 30, 2012

new guy??

Mom looked at the picture from yesterday and realized you could see Edison's auction tag. Not sure why the temp foster didn't remove it, but mom did tell the transport coordinator (who was also driving a leg) that it was still on and Chris promised to bring scissors to cut it off. Yes - cut it off - there is no buckle or anything - they are put on and grommeted shut. Just sad.....  But better knowing he and Marie will NEVER wear one again.....  paws crossed for permanent homes soon for the slobbery kids.

OK - so we teased you yesterday about mom giving two kittens a bath. Mom just takes them in the shower with her. They get more wet and they are shut in behind the shower doors. No one enjoys it, but it seems to be easier than arm wrestling them in the sink - in the shower mom can keep them on the bathtub floor and avoid the pointy parts.

But we would like to tell you WHO got a bath. Cognac has had some....ummmm....issues with the backend. So, he needed to be cleaned up.

The other guy???  Well, when mom stopped at the rescue adoption center the other day, there was a single kitten in a carrier. Seems someone in the shopping center had seen a cat out back and wanted to borrow a trap. The rescue lady went out and it was a little black kitten. She put down food and just grabbed him - no trap needed.

Mom had seen him a few times and finally on Saturday when she was picking up the cats to take to Petco, mom threatened to put him in her pocket. The rescue lady rolled her eyes and said "just take him already". So mom brought him home.

He was the other guy who got a bath. He had a bad case of fleas and got a pill on Friday to kill them all, but mom wanted to be sure he was cleaned up. He was good and then cuddled with mom. And she spent about 15 minuted picking little tiny ticks off of him (and drowning them in rubbing alcohol - best way to kill them). She is pretty sure she got all of them. While she turned him all over while he was drying - and bless him he made biscuits on her arm and PURRED.

The alcohol kittens have pretty much accepted him. He is pretty scared so he spent time with mom while the other group ran around loose several times over the weekend. Doc on the other hand hissed at the poor guy several times.

So, we hope you will help us welcome Bear. (oh and he isn't completely black - he is more a chocolate color with red undercoat - mom is working on a better picture).

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Good karma points

we are going to hand this over to mom:

I can only hope that this morning leads to a few good karma points for me.

I had signed up to do a transport of Edison for Ontario Bloodhound Rescue. In order to get to the boarding place to pick him up, I had to be out of the house by 7:20am (and to have time to grab some breakfast for the road).

I got him in the car and he was wonderful. I did discover that the local vet listed him at about 2 years old as opposed to about 7 years old, which is what they announced at the auction. hmmmmm  Anyhow, Edison traveled so well and was a joy. I know his foster family and eventually his forever family is going to love him to pieces.

I got to the handoff spot and got him out to take him for a walk when this little jack russell mix dog came out of the bushes. Pretty dirty, no collar, and not neutered. great.....

The woman driving the next leg got there and held Edison - the little dog was scared of us but pretty interested in the bloodhound. I managed to FINALLY get a leash noosed over his neck and get him in my car. I don't know that area great, but I had passed the humane society. Back in the opposite direction. ok.....

I got there and spoke to someone explaining the situation. He sighed and made a couple of phone calls. He then told me that his director said they can't take the dog and I have to take it to the dog warden. Which is of course, another 15 minutes going away from home.

The dog warden was MUCH nicer. I have to admit, I now completely understand why people get so frustrated when they find animals. I am trying to do the right thing and somehow the burden is on me. Which is fine, I was never going to leave the dog in a parking lot off a 4 lane highway, but the average person may not do that. Anyhow, the dog warden scanned the dog - no chip. He took my information and how I found him. Said there is a 3 day hold and then he will be evaluated for adoption.

I got home and stopped to buy cat litter and discovered the cats hadn't been brought over. Made a phone call and ended up driving over to pick them up and bring them back. Oh and an interloper, but more on that Monday.

Then, home, a shower with a pair of kittens that needed a bath, and some Olympic watching.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Opening Ceremonies (kitten style)

Yep - they were released on Friday night. They won't be out full time since they are pretty tiny, but they were having fun last night.

Oh, and since you (especially Marg) ask about Bourbon, mom got this too....

Friday, July 27, 2012

thumpin - the movies

All the kittens are doing well. The alcohol kittens will get a little more freedom this weekend since mom will be home a little bit more. Grandma and the kid came over Wednesday night and the kid convinced mom to let Bourbon out - the boy has some serious speed on him. :)

Anyhow, it seems somecats over at Katnip Lounge was tellin' tales about likin' to be whapped (we would link you right to the post, but the mom can't seem to find it). Then someone else posted about it too (we can't link you to that either can't mom can't remember who it was....notice a pattern here???).

So, in the interest of being involved, she decided to get some video of certain parties here (Tim & Tom) who seem to enjoy a good thumpin' on the backside. If mom really gets going, she says she can play Tommy like a bongo (whatever that is) but it requires 2 hands.

She says pardon the video quality - it is hard to thump well and video at the same time. Tommy is first and then Tim:

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday.....

Recognize this face???

This is Wendy the momma cat to the fast food boys. And last week during all the badness, she found her forever home!!! Mom didn't get to meet them, but she knows that the furry alien princess will have them charmed in no time. (all the boys were adopted a couple of weeks ago)

Other good news: remember the slobbery kids that were gotted from the evil puppy mills (read more here). Well, both Marie and Edison are going to long term foster homes!!!! Marie is apparently still pretty skittish, but they say Edison has come around quite a bit. Mom will get to see him on Saturday as she takes the first leg of his transport trip. We are all so very thankful these two are getting a second chance for a MUCH better life.

Doc came through surgery very well. Mom put him in the bathroom with the alcohol kittens but he was being a dork and wasn't being "quiet" so mom just let him out. And he proceeded to run around, beat on his sister, chase Junior and then climb up on the footstool to nap - until gravity kicked in and he slid off. MOL  Still no idea how Sally knew what was going on - mom made the appointment from work. We will try again in another week or so.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ready or not.....

42??  Thanks for the responses - mom had no idea that Mo had been reading The Hitchhikers Guide. :)

Mom laughed when she saw a post yesterday from repositorio da marilia cause she has a very similar picture of Sally. Mom asks all the time how we sleep like this - we aren't tellin'. :)

Well, mom THOUGHT today is the day....Sally made weight over the weekend so she and Doc were headed to the clinic for surgery..... Mom got over there and they brought Sally back up. She weighs 1.8 pounds. argh!!!! Mom took her BACK home and will pick Doc up after work and they will spend a little time in "recovery" before being allowed to run all over again.

Mom is pretty sure the flashy box is dead. Sometimes it takes ok pictures, and sometimes they look like this:

Poor Sally looks like she has some weird disease.  :)

And if you could spare some purrs for Mahoney, that would be awesome. She is hurty and they aren't sure why.....

Now, for your snickering pleasure, the antics of Doc and Sally.....

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An award

  Our friends at Pugs and Purrs gived us this very nice Sunshine Award.  We are so thrilled. :)  THANKS!!

So, you gotta answer 7 questions and then pass it on (and let them know they gotted it).

Question 1: Favorite Number?
     Mo: 42
          OK - why 42?
     Mo: seemed like a good idea at the time.   MOL

Question 2: Favorite Nonalcoholic beverage
   We only drink water. Mostly....  we would like to try some of that KMR stuff mom sometimes gives kittens, but no luck.
        So why does everyone stick their head in my glass?
   Quality control mom. 

Question 3: Facebook or Twitter?
   Mom is on facebook, but we just hang around here.

Question 4: Your Passion
   Rescue - no doubt about it.

Question 5: Favorite Pattern
    Figure 8's. Mom loves to make Tim and Tom do those with the laser.

Question 6: Favorite Day of the Week

Question 7: Favorite Flower
  Mom says no flowers. Something about Maestro someone eating them.
Bloggers we want to share this with - we picked them cause they make us smile (and we hate picking - we tried to pick some we think you may not know):
Cherry City Kitties - relatively new to the CB, but their mom makes quilts for shelter cats
cjs pawpad - cause he and his mom are so brave
Elephant Lover - another devoted foster
fourwhitepaws - cause we love those kitties, he loves ferals, and the world needs more cat guys
i have three cats - actually four....that last guy is a foster failure
lee county clowder - they took in a new baby this year :)
troublin times  - those girls rock!!!
Tails from the foster kittens - the foster lady has been a blessing to mom

Monday, July 23, 2012


Mom released the foster monsters on Sunday for a little bit. They came storming down the hall and played for quite a bit. It is funny to see them with Doc and Sally who are so much bigger.....

back off big white hairy guy

They were very good and spent over an hour running around until mom put them back. They are still pretty little (all right around a pound with Moonshine & Whiskey being the biggest at just over a pound).
Once mom got everyone back, she realized that Bourbon was MIA. She searched and found him sitting on the stairs watching Doc play in the entry way. She called and Bourbon started bouncing back up the stairs. Mom had to get it on video she was so proud. Some might find it hard to watch cause he does struggle a big (mom cut his nails after this since that seemed to be a big part of his problem) but she was so proud to see the little guy make the effort. He does run funny but he gets around and plays just as hard as all his relatives.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Junior moment.....

As most of you know by now, our Junior boy doesn't so much like mom. We aren't sure why (other than that formerly feral thing, but for pete's sake, he is 2 yrs old), but he is determined not to be friendly. The best she has been able to do is scratch his back once or twice while he is eating.

Well, over the last week, we have noticed a few things.

We have a routine at night. Feed and clean up after the kittens and play with them for a few minutes. Clean and feed everyone else here (no idea why those kittens get to go first). Then mom does a few things around the house, gets ready for bed and reads in bed for a little bit. Most of us pick a spot on the bed with her and lounge around.

A few days ago, Junior jumped up and looked at mom. He then got back down but didn't run like he normally does.

Last night was huge - mom says it was all she could do not to giggle. Mo, Maestro, Tim and Tom were up on the bed. Tommy was snuggled in next to mom's feet. Mom felt someone jump up on the bed and saw the top of an orange tail over the top of her book....ooooo Junior. She held VERY still.....  Junior walked over to Tommy and got love kisses on the head. And then....Junior laid down next to Tommy. And stayed on the bed for almost 5 minutes. Mom didn't move but kept glacing under the edge of the book to see what was going on. Something in the hall caught Junior's attention (no, it wasn't Spud) and he stretched and walked away.

HOLY MOLY!!!!! Wonders never cease......

Friday, July 20, 2012

Thank you.....

Your words mean more to mom and to us than you will know. It is sad to have anyone leave us but mom feels the babies the worst - she says they have so much potential and none of it will be realized. The good news is that no one else seems to have any symptoms, so hopefully this will all be limited to Amaretto.

In related news, Annie from Krasota Castle has lost her battle and ran for the Bridge as well. If you remember, this crew of kittens had their naming rights auctioned off to help with the family's expenses. We hope Amaretto knows that and met Annie when she got there.....

We don't have many plans for the weekend. Mom mumbled something about a ton of laundry. Doc & Sally need to be vaccinated - so that is part of Saturday. :) (oh, and Doc is scheduled to be n-e-u-t-e-r-e-d next Wednesday - don't tell him)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

RIP Amaretto

We had hoped for a better outcome, but we knew this was possible from the time we saw the abscess on her neck. Miss DeLynn went over yesterday at lunch to feed her and found that she had run for the Bridge. Mom has a major case of the sads so we are going to take care of her for a couple of days. Thank you so much for all your purrs and woofs and prayers.

The v-e-t called with the lab results. It would appear to be a variation of strep and other not-uncommon bacteria. So it isn't like she caught something weird....she caught something common and her little body just couldn't fight it off. Mom will keep a close eye on everyone else, but it doesn't seem right now like this is something that is likely to affect them.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Our Olympic Entries....

We got mom motivated and made a few entries into the Blogville/Cat-O-lympics....

And now we have finally got her motivated to get our entries posted here.

Balance Beam hosted by Cory Cat Blog featuring Ivy & Maestro

Boxing hosted by Sasha featuring Doc & Tim

Counter Surfing hosted by Katnip Lounge featuring Utah (our foster from 2010)

Team Lounging hosted by Daisy Mae Maus featuring Mo, Ivy & Tommy (in that order)

Turbo Track hosted by Bugsy & Knuckles featuring Tim & Tom and Doc

Hiding hosted by Quill at Housecat Confidential featuring Tim
Amaretto is doing well. She is out and walking around some under supervision. Mom thinks the vet is going to have to clean her wounds out better than mom can do. We thought she was eating again on her own, but she is just messing with mom. So, still on KMR by syringe. Even tried baby food and she ignored it. V-e-t visit tonight..... paws crossed.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

walk my cat.....

Quick Amaretto update: she isn't eating much, but still walking around some when mom lets her out. Mom has taken to syringe feeding her KMR and NutriCal in the hopes that it will help some. At least we know she is getting something into her. Mom did get more worried and just for her peace of mind took her to the v-e-t for a quick check (under the term better safe than sorry). It appears the Clavamox is working as the vet checked all the abscesses (even the liver ones - mom likes it when the vets are curious cause they check things but don't charge her) and all of them appear to be smaller. But, Amaretto is anemic and we aren't sure what to do about that. They did get a preliminary report from the lab - something is growing. Really - they typed up a report and faxed it for that??? Mom hopes they can be more definitive today. Oh- and someone asked if the abscesses were lanced - they were on Friday night at the vet and left open so mom can clean them. That being said, the vet last night said that it may required divine intervention in this case - Amaretto is just so tiny. We appreciate your prayers and purrs - please keep sending them!!
In other news, we just heard that K and Alex both ran for the Bridge. We have been purring for them and their families for a while and we have some serious leaky eyes here. We are sending our purrs for them and know that both K and Alex are healthy and running free now.

Mom put Doc on a leash.....

The kid had a lemonade stand on Friday and part of the proceeds went to buy supplies for the shelter. Mom went over and took Doc. Cause he wiggles, she put a harness and leash on him. He didn't seem to mind and actually had a great time outside.

the kid and Doc

And then Sunday, Mom took Doc, Whiskey and Gin to Petco. Doc got bored and LAUNCHED himself at baby gate....and got over (which he hasn't done since at home - goofy boy). Great - so much for that. Mom put him back in and yet once he figured it out, it was all over, so he got to wear the harness and leash at Petco as well.

Gin (front) and Whiskey

Monday, July 16, 2012

Another Day....

Two of the scaredy cats were adopted on Saturday: Speedy (the lighter grey - who turns out was a female) and Curious George (the largest kitten).  :)

Well, mom got to bring Amaretto home on Sunday night. The v-e-t called Sunday morning while Mom was at Petco to give her the full story. They drained the abcess and got her temp down Friday night. Then overnight she got hypothermic and they had to bring it back up. She was eating and seemed ok. But then the vet found another abcess on her side. They ran an ultrasound probe and think they see some on her liver as well. They lanced both abcesses and will reasess. They decided to leave her Saturday night. Mom brought her home Sunday night.....

She has to put a warm compress on two spots and flush them really well 3x per day (Miss DeLynn agreed to help with the one mid-day since Mom has this job thing). Amaretto is on clavamox for the moment. The v-e-t is running a fecal test to see if something is giving some of them the runs and restricting them from growing faster. And back to the v-e-t on Wednesday. They should have test results today or tomorrow and hopefully they will give everyone a better idea as to how to proceed. The v-e-t this morning gave mom three options: 1. stay in hospital and put her on iv antibiotics presuming they will help; 2. send her home and wait for test results (which is what we decided to do); or 3. euthanization. Everyone agreed that we aren't there right now.....

For now she is in this:
And will be there for at least a few days. The v-e-t said she wasn't acting very lively, but mom put her down in the living room when they got home and she did a couple of laps. She is eating well and everything else, so we wait....

If you are squeemish, you may want to stop here. Mom is gonna post a picture of Amaretto:

Sunday, July 15, 2012

An award.....

The Sibe boys over at Army of Four gave us a neat award. We are supposed to tell five things about us and then pass it along...... (and be sure to check out their body guard picture with their dog and their angel sisters)

thanks Savannah

Now, those boys mentioned that they appreciate how much we do for rescues, so rather than list 5 things, we thought we would list some numbers for you:

As of August 2012, we have been fostering for 6 years!!! 
   That is 137 cat/kittens: 8 momma cats and 129 kittens

Mom has driven 25 transports starting March 2011 for a total of almost 4,000 miles.  And yes, except for the one last transport, all of those dogs have been driven in one of the Beetles. :)

We have had over 41,000 page views. (though apparently that includes us, so who knows for sure)

We started blogging on August 10, 2009 - almost 3 years and over 650 posts. WOW! got an award from the shelter where she volunteers. On Saturday she was named VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR!!  We are very proud of her (she has problems telling people without snickering though)

And we want to share this with you. It is from Changes by Jim Butcher:
"Faith is about what you do. It's about aspiring  to be better and nobler and kinder than you are. It's about making sacrifices for the good of others - even where there's not going to be anyone telling you what a hero you are."

All of you give us faith.....and we hope we inspire just a little bit as well. :)

We aren't sure who has gotten this or not....feel free to take it!!
Had to share - at the adoption event yesterday at the shelter, there were 21 cats/kittens and 11 dogs adopted. :) Lots of long term cats were in that number.
Amaretto update: Mom spoke to the vet yesterday (who apologized for calling the rescue lady and not her..haha). They wanted to keep her again last night. Her temp dropped really bad Friday night and once they get hypothermic, it can easily happen again. Mom figured safer to leave her there where she can be monitored overnight (they are 24/7). Mom hopes to pick her up today. Keep up the purrs and prayers....  THANKS

Saturday, July 14, 2012


After a few weird phone calls this morning (the vet thought she was calling mom but she called the rescue lady who in turn called Miss Beckie for reasons we don't understand), mom was told Amaretto could go home this morning. She drove over, not quite. She was "sorta" eating but her temp had gone back up. Which isn't surprising with this kind of infection, but they wanted to get a better control over it.

Mom just called and the other vet wants to take a look at Amaretto this evening when she comes on for her shift (Dr Brys was the one who saw her last night) and then maybe send her home tonight. Mom is going to call this evening and see what is up.

We appreciate all the purrs and would like you to keep them up. Amaretto is just a baby and since we don't yet know what caused it, we are shooting blind on trying to cure it.


We could use some purrs for Amaretto.....

Mom came home last night and went to feed the kitts. She looked over and Amaretto was sitting there - and there was  HUGE abcess on the side of her face. Like the size of a plum. Mom plunked down the food dish, grabbed Amaretto, slammed the door and ran for the car. She was at the vet about 20 minutes later.

Amaretto spent the night at the vet. She was running a pretty high temperature. And they pulled about 12cc stuff.....out of her neck. When mom left she was eating and had an iv in. Mom will try to post an update after talking to the v-e-t.....they are going to send the "stuff" out to culture but we won't get that result until Monday.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Finally Friday....

About yesterday - yeah, mom almost had a heart attack. She ran around was freakin' out. Once the boys were safe inside she kinda bent over and took a moment. None of us can imagine what those boys were thinking....and we are glad they got caughted and are safe (and surgery went well too - they will be available for adoption this weekend).

Mom isn't getting a break this weekend. But, it isn't quite like last year when she drove all night to get some of Miss Chrystal's boy to O-hi-O so they could get to Calliforny (you can read about it here).  Oh - and she is doing a push for her book. If you haven't read it yet, it ROCKS!!! And if you know someone "famous" who can get the word out - let her know....the money all goes to the kitties (ok and the woofies) she is trying to save....
  you can buy it from the publisher here

     **We just realized mom wrote that previous paragraph badly! Mom didn't write a book - Miss Chrystal from Daily Dose of Dogs has. Mom bought it and read it and it was GREAT!!! Darned mom - can't leave her unsupervised for a second. :)
Let's see - Saturday is the Picnic With The Pups at the shelter where she volunteers. There is lots of fun stuff for everyone and all the adoptable animals are specially priced. Lots of adoptions happened last year and we have our paws crossed for lots this year too. If you live close by and want to bring your woofie, feel free. We stay home - too much commotion. But mom will be there....

And then Sunday mom is at Petco for their monthly adoption event. Not sure which foster monsters will be attending, but we are sure someone is going (though not staying - no one is spayed or neutered yet).

And then she is off to have brunch with some friends. See, Miss DeLynn's hubby took a job with Best Friends in Utah. He moved out in May to start working. Miss DeLynn is joining him at the end of July (and mom is helping her drive out and then volunteering a couple of days too). So this group of friends is getting together to wish Miss DeLynn safe journey.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday.....

Let's see - the triple threat boys from the bathroom got dropped off this morning for their neuter surgery. Not sure if they are staying at the shelter or not. Normally kittens come back to recover for a few days, but there is a big adoption event on Saturday, so they may stay. They have come out of their shells a whole lot more, but mom is concerned that taking them back to the shelter is going to spook them again. Poor boys....

Breaking news: there was almost an escape!!!! Mom had the boys in their carrier and was about 3 feet from the door to the shelter when.....the carrier broke. She had the handle and the bottom part hit the ground. One kitten shot out the back, one out the front and mom dropped the lid on third. She grabbed him and ran inside for help. The big gray one (red ball in his mouth) was the one in the carrier. The smaller gray had shot around the side of the building and was under a bench. Mom baby talked him and he came to her so she could grab him. She headed back inside and Miss Kelsey from the shelter went the other direction for the brown tabby. Seems he shot under a bush and was yelling that he didn't like it outside. sigh... After this, neutering will be easy for them. :)

However, they are staying since there is an adoption event on Saturday so mom is a little thankful. She put the alcohol kittens back in the bathroom this morning so they can have access to food all day and Tim can stay out of time-out when they are eating. :) Which will make Tim pretty thankful as well. MOL

Mom got the idea for the tray from Robyn at love-and-hisses.
Works like a charm..... best investment of $1 ever....

There were a couple of questions about Doc from yesterday:
   1. What color are his eyes? He is actually bi-colored - one blue and one green.
   2. Aren't white cats normally deaf? Not always - but it is normally tied to blue eyes in white cats. So mom had presumed he might not be able to hear on that side. However, after some observation (that boy can sleep through anything), she is pretty convinced he is completely deaf and not just ignoring her. Miss Beckie though says she has some white cats with blue eyes that can hear and some with gold eyes that can't. So it may be more tied to the gene that makes cats white.
   3. LP - we already have a Maestro - and he isn't very interested in the blinds. :)
 (da old mancat - Maestro)

Mom says it is supposed to be a little cooler in the evenings and we might even get some much needed rain this weekend....maybe we will get some window whiffin in at night again!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

not-so-Wordless Wednesday

Doc was the keeper of the kittens on Sunday:

(mom loves this picture)

We guess if you can't figure out how to escape baby jail on your own, you end up being mobbed. MOL

Oh, and mom seriously suspects that Doc is completely deaf.  She got out the dyson monster on Saturday. We all did the smart thing and ran for cover. Doc not only didn't run, he tried to help!!! OMC!! He chased the hose and the machine and the cord. And mom has snuck up on him a few times (not with the dyson monster - just on her own) and he just seems to sleep through everything. It won't affect his adoption or anything, but it is good to know....

And she has a bone to pick with Katie Isabella - mom says Katie must have been giving Doc lessons long distance in playing the blinds. He was banging away the other night - and mom yelled at him (good job mom - yell at the deaf cat - MOL). She finally went to look (which is how she knows it was him) and he gave her the "what??" look before going back to his concert.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The babies got some names.....

Well, there is a winner in the auction to help Annie. Andrea, Leo and Star from celestial kitties won the right to name the kittens. She and mom emailed back and forth and it ended up being a joint effort since we have more boys than girls.

The boys: Bourbon (the lame kitten), Whiskey (the other complete brown tabby), Cognac and Moonshine (the gray boy)

The girls: Amaretto and Gin

Bourbon (left) and Whiskey

left to right: Cognac, Moonshine, Amaretto (back) & Gin *maybe*

Oh - and we guess you want the v-e-t report.....

When mom picked Bourbon up, the tech said the radiographs were being sent out. But, the rescue lady sent mom a text and said "bourbon good to go. no patellas. recheck in a month. can usually do ok as they grow." Mom patellas at all?? Yep - they can't see his kneecaps at all....of course he is tiny and that is what they are going to recheck. But, sounds like for the moment it is let him get bigger and see what happens. We may have to ask for help later, but we are good for now. We need to bulk everyone up a little so Tim gets locked in the back bedroom while they eat from now on.

Monday, July 9, 2012

triple threat...

After some bad werds....the flashy box seems to sorta be taking pictures but the movie part is dead. Lucky for her she has a separate flip video camera. She needs to call Sony, but isn't sure if it is worth trying to fix.....  we shall see.

Also, Mom dropped the tiny lame boy off at the vet this morning - more on that tomorrow.

Well, mom spent some time with those scardey guys in the bathroom over the weekend.

Aren't they cuties?? The one in the back with the red toy is the friendliest. He comes right up and wants attention and love. The other two are still a work in progress, but they came out and sat looking at mom so she will take that as a good first step. Their names are Smokey, Speedy and Curious George, but mom didn't get enough info to be able to tell which one is which. :)