Friday, March 30, 2012

Finally Friday.....

Mom says this has been a long week. But we think she says that EVERY Friday.....
Spud is afraid the weekend is just going to FLY by.....

Not much new is back to normal spring weather....we have the windows open for fresh air, but mom says it is a little chilly going to about 55 during the day and the 40s at night. :)

As you can see however, the cat tree has gone back into hibernation.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

a night at the shelter....

As most of you know, mom spends a couple of nights every other week at the shelter helping to clean and playing with the kitties. (yes, she has to write it on the calendar to remember which week she is on).

Anyhow, she took her camera the other night and thought she would give you some pictures of the kitties.

Amanda and the fish tank

Amanda and the mouse toy

Dolly checking out some bird tv

Dolly and Inky

Seri (polydactl black cat) and Inky (11 yr old black cat)

someone alert Daisy the curly cat - we found another curly cat!
Mom saw the note on the web about King Tut being a Devon Rex,
but thought maybe it was a "marketing" idea - until she got there and saw him.
He is 10 years old - returned after being adopted 5 years ago. sigh....

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

purrs and prayers......

Judi and her family and kitties
need all the postive thoughts, prayers
and purrs they can get.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

worry, but.....

Mom says she can't help but worry about tiny babies. Silver seems to be doing well. Marble is taking VERY good care of her (at least mom is going with her....she is about 75% sure). Mom checked Silver a few times yesterday and she seemed almost a little dehydrated - which is bad in the tiny babies. But, she tried to bottle feed her and Silver WAS NOT having any part of that. And Marble doesn't seem really happy about it either.

And, when mom would check later, Silver would seem fine. Mom doesn't have a scale sensitive enough for something that tiny, but she says so long as Silver is active and acting good, then we are going with it.

my what big eyes you have....

Monday, March 26, 2012

that didn't take long

Caramel went home on Sunday....we knew it wouldn't take too long. His new dad (yep - Caramel is living with a cat guy!!) has another female cat who is only about 6 months old, so Caramel is getting a new big sister. We wish them all well....and hope we get updates. :)

Mom has been checking on Madeline over at Petco. She is doing much better - the first few days she would hide and wouldn't eat. But we bought the food that she prefers and she is eating again. The one assistant manager says she will sit up on the shelves and chirp at them as well. We gots our paws crossed that she finds her forever family soon.

Mom was supposed to take new pictures of Marble and Silver, but she was slacking off.....but, the baby is doing well. Both eyes wide open and getting more mobile by the day. :) Sissy:

The shelter got her in and wanted her in foster care to make sure she stays healthy until there is space on the adoption floor for her. She is about 12 weeks old. She was pretty skittish the first few days, but is more comfortable now. She spent Sunday napping with mom in the chair. She still hisses at us sometimes, but we just ignore her. She has some scarring on her eyes (mom isn't sure from what but they look like Mo's scar so she suspects eye infections). She sees most stuff but mom doesn't think she sees everything. But, she is fun. She climbed in the toy basket yesterday to find just the right ball to get out and chase around.

Friday, March 23, 2012

already adopted.....

OK - we know what you are thinking.....nope - that isn't what we are talking about. MOL

When mom took Caramel in for his vaccinations, the rescue lady asked if our bathroom was empty. Since Caramel was leaving that night (and hadn't been in the bathroom for over a month) mom said yep!

Seems that a momma cat had come in with bigger kittens and the momma cat was spayed - though she still had some milk. And orphaned baby came in. It was worth a try, so they introduced the kitten to the momma cat (named Marble). And Marble decided to adopt that baby. The concern was that Marble wasn't producing enough milk for the kitten (Silver) so they were supplimenting. Mom said that she would be willing to help if they wanted. So, Marble and Silver came home with her last night. Mom set them up in the bathroom and put the blankets in a laundry basket to contain the baby.

my babeh...hands off

Mom has tried to suppliment Silver, but s/he isn't so sure about the bottle. And when s/he screams, Marble comes over and stands up to give mom the stink eye. (mom isn't sure is Silver is a boy or a girl yet)

Silver in the basket

hey!! bring dat back here....

So, since Silver doesn't act hungry, mom is just keeping on eye on everything. And Marble LOVES that baby....  In fact, mom went in to check on them around 4am and the laundry basket was EMPTY!! Mom looked over and Marble was in the corner on another blanket, Silver curled up next to her asleep.

The laundry basket was removed and a big soft bed put in place. Nope - Marble was to sleep in the corner and keeps moving Silver. So, mom spread the fleece blankets across that half of the bathroom.

Dis is a little better than the basket, but that corner looks good too

look - eyeballs....age guesstimate 10 days or so

Need more cute?  Lee County Clowder has a bottle baby - the neighbors found it and brought it to them to raise.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

neener neener.....

We got mom to break the rule!!!!  She got home from work and shut the windows and turned on the A/C!!!

    Yeah - cause it was over 80 degrees in the house. That is just wrong in the summer - no less in March. Besides, at this rate, we were going to discover the melting point of the domestic cat. And none of you would have enjoyed that....and I don't want to clean up the mess!

     In my own defense, I turned it on until the indoor temp was 77 and the outdoor temp had dropped when the sun set, then turned it back off and reopened the windows. Our ceiling fans run year around. it is supposed to be about 87 today again and hopefully back to the 60 the rest of the week.....

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

we got the hots......

The condo was 79 degrees last night when mom got home from work.....

But she said there is some sort of rule about March.....

Thou shall not turn on the a/c in March in Ohio!!

sigh......stupid rule

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Quite a few changes over the weekend here.....

Morton was adopted on Saturday. He will be spoiled rotten by a single lady with no other cats (though he may end up getting a companion when they are both ready).

A woman had been coming in over a week after meeting mom at the adoption event. She was interested in Cheerio, but her husband was being wishy-washy. She called mom on Saturday and said she was ready. Cheerio is going to be a foster-to-adopt to make sure he adjusts ok (we know he will).

The rescue is working with mom to place Madam who is now being called Madeline. She adjust pretty well with our neighbor but a spot at Petco opened up, so mom moved her over there last night. She was a little scared, but the staff at the store are all great and we know she will come around in no time.

And.......  Caramel will be vaccinated today and go to Petco tonight. Boy is he in for a surprise. But, we know he should find his forever home pretty quickly.

Monday, March 19, 2012

World Cancer Day

If you have lost a loved one, we wish you PEACE

If you are battling cancer right now, we wish you STRENGTH

If you have a loved on that is sick, we wish you HOPE

Sunday, March 18, 2012

that was a little scary.....

We got locked in the bathroom!!!

Well, most of us did. Mom couldn't catch Ivy, Junior & Spud.

While she was coming home from grandma & grandpa's house after watching basketball, the tornado siren went off!!! Mom raced home and turned on the TV as she was trying to slowly catch us and get us put safely in the bathroom. Caramel was first, followed by Maestro. As mom watch the TV, Tim & Tom came over to check on her, so they went in as well, followed a couple of minutes later by Mozart.

The flicker isn't the was lightening. You can't hear the thunder (the sound in the background is the tv). The house did shake a little. And since we don't have a basement, that is why mom shut us in the bathroom. She sat in the door to the kitchen and watched......

However, Ivy hung out with mom....acting like this. Guess there wasn't THAT much to worry about, huh Mom???

We are all back to lazing around.....some are snacking, Caramel is passed out on the back of the sofa and Junior is snoozing on the cat tree.

But, this does worry took her about 10 minutes to catch everyone and she didn't catch 3 of us.....what if it had been worse???

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St Paddy's Day.....

Mom is wearing her green for those Spartans....and still watching basketball.

We had a picture of Mocha & Caramel up in Brian's St Patrick's Day contest and the kitts took an honorable mention.

Hope you are having a great weekend.......we are relaxing and enjoying the open windows!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Finally Friday.....

It has been a long week. But - at least the weather has been warm (though rainy today) and we are getting in some serious window whiffin.

Nothing much going on this weekend. Mom said something about basketball and March Madness. Guess that means more yelling at the TV. :)

We plan to just hang out and enjoy ourselves!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

If we only knew.....

Mom has read the book "Homer's Odyssey" about Homer the Blind Cat. (and if you haven't read the book, mom HIGHLY recommends it)  He has his own website and blog and facebook and everything. Anyhow, they lost their older cats and after a long thought period, decided to get another cat. She is an adult calico now named Stella. You can see the whole blog post here.

But there was one paragraph in the blog post that mom said she could relate to:
"Stella, of course, has no way of knowing that Homer is crying to be with me. All she knows is that Homer is loudly demanding entry into “her” side of our home. She hisses at him through the gate, but a little hissing has never fazed Homer. Scarlett used to hiss at him all the time, but neither of them was ever looking for a fight, and Scarlett never did more than hiss, so Homer’s philosophy when it comes to another cat hissing is pretty much, “Oh, hush, you old crank.” When the hissing has no effect, Stella crouches down, flattens her ears and whiskers, puffs up her fur, etc. But Homer, naturally, can’t see any of this and thus can’t pick up on any visual cues that Stella is becoming increasingly agitated. And Stella, who has no idea that Homer can’t see, clearly views Homer’s indifference as a signal that she needs to ratchet up the aggressive behavior in order to get her message across."

We had something similar with Junior when he got here.
(can you believe he used to be that little????)

He was our first venture into feral kittens. Maybe a little too old, but mom just couldn't be ok with putting this cute face back outside.....

So, he would get mad and hiss at the rest of us. Which, after lots of foster kittens, we ignore. Plus, he was little and not very scary. And after a few days, he caught on - hissing isn't going to work and should be ignored. And then Maestro hissed at him to get Junior to leave - and Junior ignored Maestro (and mom cracked up when Junior got whacked for insubordination). We were lucky in that Junior, in being a social dork, didn't feel the need to challenge the status quo and settled in well.

We wish Homer, his new sisfur Stella and the parents the best....we know they can work through this..... and hope Stella doesn't start using the MUCH smaller Homer for target practice. :)

(Junior now....haha)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

there was this kitten......

How many of us have heard or told a story that started that way?

We know most of you reading this are animals or animal people - or you wouldn't still be reading.... MOL

And we know that most of you do something to support rescue: adopt, volunteer, foster or donate. But we are asking you to help us help a small rescuer.....

Mom wants to be like Crystal when she grows up. Crystal opened her home and her heart - and her bank account - to build 2 cat houses to take in those cats that need help. She has had some great saves, stories, losses and adoptions. Now we would like to help her spread the word and get those adult cats still in the cat houses adopted. You may have heard it before, but adoption really saves 2 lives - the one you adopt and the one that can be rescued into that open space.

You can order a brick for the walkway. We already have one and are ordering one to honor and remember our angels Butterscotch and Tigger.

Or, you can tweet, blog or facebook about these great cats.

Or, if you know of someone looking for a special cat (or two), direct them to Winnie's Wish on Petfinder:

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tabby Tuesday.....

Quick PS(yeah we know this is the top - so what??) Mom entered Caramel & Mocha in the Nimbus Memorial St. Pattys Contest at Brian's Home. They are showing off their green towel!!

Too didn't sell the table to buy us the new cat tree, but guess it did work out that way. Tim & Ivy seem to miss the table....they used to lay on it....Ivy in fact seemed started when she discovered it was gone!  :)

Speaking of Ivy, she got a pawdicure last night.She has needed one for a couple of weeks, but mom always has to work up to it. This didn't go so put the towel and the clippers in her bedroom all ready to go. Ivy gave mom the evil eye and mom ignored her. About 20 minutes later Ivy came over for attention, mom grabbed her and off they went. No peeing and Ivy only screamed once (we are so proud - mom didn't scream at all - MOL). We suspect if mom just gets on a routine, it won't be so bad every time.

In the meantime, we have some excellent weather here. SPRING has arrived.
(I don't think so guys)

Monday, March 12, 2012

What a weekend......

Mom ran some errands, spent some time at the shelter and then went over to grandma's house....grandpa was out of town with a group from there church helping with disaster relief in Indiana.

Sunday mom took Caramel to Petco for their adoption weekend. Lots of people looking - and some donations which is good. Cheerio has a couple interested, so we will keep you posted on him. Caramel decided he DID NOT like being at this event and ended up in time out in the crate. MOL

We got locked up in the afternoon for a couple of hours. There was lots of banging and the dyson monster. When we were let back out, the dining room table was gone (mom sold it) and we found this:

Our other tree is now in the back bedroom. Mom says her next project is reorganizing that..... (sure - just don't hold your breath)

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Well, we are on to plan B for Madam. D___ was just so stressed out by everything. Mom says the introductions sounded like they were going normally, but D___ just was convinced that things were bad. So mom spoke to her neighbor and Madam is now living over there for a short time. And the rescue that works with the adoptions at Petco has said that Madam can go over there when there is an opening. So, when Morton or Cheerio get adopted, Madam will go over and be available.

Mom is mostly thankful that Madam is safe. But she got a little annoyed the other day - D___ called about opening the door to let Madam out of the bathroom and into the house. And then said that she felt like she had to make this work. She said she didn't want Madam put to sleep if she couldn't stay with her.

WHAT????  That was NEVER brought up. And it was NEVER an option.....and then D____ mentioned the same thing to our neighbor the other morning. By that time, mom was all "just give us Madam back and let us find her the right home."  We will keep you all posted as things progress....

Speaking of homes.....we love Winnie's Wish (daily dose of dogs) and want to help get those kitties adopted. You can see the kitties on Petfinder. We have helped with transports and will continue to help get kitties to great homes.....  Can you help?  Adopt, post, tweet and help us place these great adults into homes. You save 2 lives - the one you adopt and by opening a space to help another cat in need. It is her 2 year blogoversary - help her celebrate by adopting, buying a brick, or spreading the word!!!

Mitts says, check out these know you want them.......