Monday, November 27, 2023

Long weekend

 Well, some good news for the girls. No more meds for the ringworm. They are scheduled right now to go back to the shelter on Thursday for surgery. Not sure if they will go up for adoption after that or come back for final test results. But the shelter staff didn't see anything so hopefully they are clear. Turn mom will need to deep clean the room again. 

This hard been kind of hard in a different way since they are friendly but couldn't be handled much for risk of spreading ringworm. Ugh


Over the weekend mom and a friend built a nes TV stand then mom built us a new cubby/window stand. Boba and Chanel were lots of help.

New one on the left
Right on is from Vesper 

The cat stand actually is now turned 90 degrees and mom left one side off the cubby. It wasn't very expensive and was pretty easy to put together.  

It's been checked out and mom is pretty happy with it. She's going to buy another for a different space and they have some other very nice pieces as well (find it here)

Boba has already managed to lose a spring toy under the TV stand. 

Monday, November 20, 2023

Another week

 The girls are looking better but still on meds and being lyme sulphur dipped. (For those not familiar, they are dipped in a dilution with water and allowed to dry. And they smell terrible until they dry - think rotten eggs times 100). Hopefully this will be the last week of dips. Meds  will be over shortly  too then just waiting for a negative test. 


Sarah and Winifred

Getting pictures is hard since mom isn't spending a lot of time with them to avoid spreading the ringworm spores.


There has been some cursing here. Mom switched cell phone carriers and had to get a new phone. The switch wasn't terrible but she is still getting used to the new phone. 


Boba remains quite the ham. She can be a bit much at times...she is pretty smart and gives mom a run for her money. 

For our US friends, have a nice holiday week.

Thursday, November 9, 2023


 Well it turns out the girls have ringworm. They are on meds and have been Lyme sulphur dipped twice (once more tomorrow). And they are obviously quarantined in the foster room since its contagious. They are displeased....haha. The bath was bad (and stinky) but they really hate being pulled twice a day. 




But they get run of the foster room which is better than a cage for 3 weeks minimum. Though mom does wish Sarah would learn to stop yelling during work meetings.


Speaking of work meetings, Boba has decided that is the best time to play her favorite game -fetch. She taught herself and mom is slowly working on targeting to get her to drop the ball in a better place than under the office chair. Despite given options, her favorite toy is a very beat up green foam soccer ball. Mom has thrown a couple of others, but that one is Boba's favorite (she will also chase a spring toy but that is down the hall not down the stairs). She starts the game 3-3 tines per day and will chase it several times.