Wednesday, November 21, 2018


Balashi would like to know why you look funny

Peroni says: no Marzen, this are my box

again with the tail
(Marzen and Guinness)

nicely done boys
(Guinness and Marzen)

Marzen practices his supermodel pose

poor Peroni - the only girl in a group of boy cats
(don't believe her for a second - she starts it half the time)

tails - the ultimate cat toy

Well, there may be space at one of our partner stores, so Kilkenny and Marzen may be headed out this weekend. Wish them luck and cross your fingers for quick adoptions.

Goldfish occasionally goes in to visit the kittens (OK - let's be honest...she is after the canned food). However, it is interesting getting her back out - mom can't stand there with the door open or other kittens will get out. Goldfish hesitates to go out the door anyhow since mom is standing right there. Instead, she plays with the kittens for a while and then climbs one of the doors, gets to the top and jumps to the floor on the other side. This of course means that the little kittens throw themselves at the screen door trying to figure out how Goldfish escaped.


  1. That Goldfish is a problem-solver...or creator, depending on one's point of view!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. They are so sweet, I'm sure they'll find their forever homes soon. Marzen has the most inquisitive look.

    Good luck little ones!

  3. So cute! The part about Goldfish climbing the door to escape and confusing the kittens made us MOL!

  4. They are all so cute. Hopefully, they will find homes really soon. HappyThanksgiving.


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