Monday, April 29, 2024

Weekend report

 Well spring has arrived. Or maybe we are skipping spring and heading straight into summer. Depends on the day it seems. But the windows are open and we are enjoying the fresh air.

Boba, Junior, Chanel and Goldfish. 
Daiquiri was in the bedroom.

Our irises are starting to bloom.

And of course Boba shenanigans 

Monday, April 22, 2024

Rescue stuff

 Still no kittens. But it's still April, although mom is developing a twitch. 

As an update we are just fostering and mom is volunteering with the shelter. She had some personal issues with the small rescue and decided it was time to move on. 

Speaking of rescue though, there is a bird rescue in MI that got some attention over the last few days. Everything is  summorized here. But essentially, she got an inquiry asking to come to their location to view the birds, though their policy is you have to apply and be approved first.

A lot of small rescues will do this as it cuts down on wasted time for volunteers. And there are people out there that do treat shelters like a petting zoo where they can just come and hang out. For larger groups and facilities that may be fine, but it's very hard on small rescues.

Anyhow, the guy got mad and the director decided she had enough and replied with quite the email calling him out. He of course had to respond and she decided to post it to their Facebook page. They are now over $30k in donations, which is amazing.  But more than that, I hope this is a window into how small rescues operate and how your "one request" is just one more than on top of so many other things. 

So...hang with us while we wait for kittens. And please be kind to your local rescue staff and volunteers. 

Monday, April 15, 2024

Nothing exciting

 Still no kitten here. Mom knows it should be soon but she is getting twitchy.

In the meantime, mom did buy a new mattress that was delivered on Thursday.  She managed to get everyone except Goldfish into the back bedroom. It would have been fine except mom realized at one point the front door had been left open. When the guys left, there was no sign of Goldfish and mom started to panic a little. Finally Goldfish squirmed out from under the sofa. Scary...

It's nice here so we do have open windows with the screen inserts in to keep everyone safe.

Boba and Chanel also got some time with the puzzle toy:

Monday, April 8, 2024

Harness training

 Mom would like to get Boba trained to wear a harness and go outside. Miss Emily at  Kitty Cat Go is a trained behaviorist and offered an online course. 

Mom is put a harness on kittens before and also on Chanel. Boba though is a tough nut. She has lots of opinions and things need to be her idea. So to get some tips and trick and also support Miss Emily, she signed up.

That said, mom admits she hasn't been as on the ball with training as she should be. Thankfully Boba is food motivated.

After a few introduction steps, mom got the harness on:

After a few more tries, mom moved to a new plan and bought a different harness. The one above needs Boba to put her legs through and secures on top. 

The new one sits on her back and velcros under her neck and stomach. She still needs more time to get used to it, but at least mom doesn't have to wrestle her to get it on.