Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The babies got some names.....

Well, there is a winner in the auction to help Annie. Andrea, Leo and Star from celestial kitties won the right to name the kittens. She and mom emailed back and forth and it ended up being a joint effort since we have more boys than girls.

The boys: Bourbon (the lame kitten), Whiskey (the other complete brown tabby), Cognac and Moonshine (the gray boy)

The girls: Amaretto and Gin

Bourbon (left) and Whiskey

left to right: Cognac, Moonshine, Amaretto (back) & Gin *maybe*

Oh - and we guess you want the v-e-t report.....

When mom picked Bourbon up, the tech said the radiographs were being sent out. But, the rescue lady sent mom a text and said "bourbon good to go. no patellas. recheck in a month. can usually do ok as they grow." Mom paused....no patellas at all?? Yep - they can't see his kneecaps at all....of course he is tiny and that is what they are going to recheck. But, sounds like for the moment it is let him get bigger and see what happens. We may have to ask for help later, but we are good for now. We need to bulk everyone up a little so Tim gets locked in the back bedroom while they eat from now on.


  1. Love the names, especially Moonshine. They are too cute.
    I think that is good news about Bourbon. Wonder what will happen with no patellas?? If he can pee and Poop and eat, maybe he will be all right. Hopefully no surgery. Thanks for the update and love the names.

  2. It makes my day and mom's too to be here and read about the kittens thru the months..

  3. What "spirited" names those kittens have. We hope Bourbon goes on well - we had never heard of a kitten not having patellas before.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Awwwww Yay for such lush names! LOL! Awww they are all adorable and well done Celestial kitties for choosing such fabulous names!! Our neighbour's two kitties are called Moon and Shine! LOL! Excellent!

    Purrs for little Bourbon without any kneecaps! Take care

  5. Heehee! What cute names! We will be praying for the one without knee caps...


  6. Little Bourbon, I'm sending you my very best purrs for things to work themselves out for you. I had a really horrible prognosis when I was a babycat, and with a lot of love and a lot of purrs I managed to defy the odds. Manly smooches to you.

  7. How strange that Bourbon has no patellas. He probably doesn't even see himself with a disability. :)
    Love the kitten names!

  8. somehow those names seem perfectly appropriate :)

    Sorry to hear Bourbon doesn't have kneecaps.. Considering all that can go wrong it is amazing how many kittens do survive. I am so curious what they think they can and or should do for him for long term..

  9. You guys picked out some good names! Hopefully everything will work out fine with Bourbon keep us updated!

  10. Yay, named babies! Thank you for letting me help!
    We're sending purrs and prayers that Bourbon does really well as he grows!

  11. Love the names! Hope Bourbon's problem is one to grow out of.

  12. Wowzers! We sure hope little Bourbon is going to be ok! No kneecaps doesn't sound good!
    Play bows,

  13. :D love the names! purrs for little Bourbon, we hope he'll be ok!

    Pip, Smidgen, MInnie, HOllie

  14. Fun names for such sweet babies. I have a friend who adopted a little guy with a similar problem in his front legs...he walked with his front legs bent funny (hopped really) but he's now over 6 years old and doing well. Not entirely sure it was the same issue but the biggest issue was finding someone to adopt a special kitty.

    Good luck little Bourbon...and all the other babies too!

  15. Cute names! The mom says they make her thirsty.

  16. Great names. Hoping Bourbon will be all right as he grows but even with a lameness he is adorably cute.

  17. LOVE the name "Moonshine"! I think I need to steal that name for our next foster kitten!



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