Monday, July 9, 2012

triple threat...

After some bad werds....the flashy box seems to sorta be taking pictures but the movie part is dead. Lucky for her she has a separate flip video camera. She needs to call Sony, but isn't sure if it is worth trying to fix.....  we shall see.

Also, Mom dropped the tiny lame boy off at the vet this morning - more on that tomorrow.

Well, mom spent some time with those scardey guys in the bathroom over the weekend.

Aren't they cuties?? The one in the back with the red toy is the friendliest. He comes right up and wants attention and love. The other two are still a work in progress, but they came out and sat looking at mom so she will take that as a good first step. Their names are Smokey, Speedy and Curious George, but mom didn't get enough info to be able to tell which one is which. :)


  1. Aw, they're cuties. We hope they'll soon be purring up a storm in your mom's lap. :-)

    Purrs and paws crossed for the little lame kitten, we'll be anxious for an update.

  2. I just love it when kittens walk around with toys in their mouths

  3. Hi there Scardy boys. We love the one in the second picture. He is the same color Tabby as our Tabatha. They really are looking good.
    Please keep us informed about the little one with the bad back legs. Sure hope they can help him. Let me know if you need an auction or just a campagne to help pay for any surgery. Take care.

  4. Gotta love a bathroom full of tabby cats

  5. They're awfully cute little kit-cats! I'd love to hang out with them!
    I hope all goes well for the little guy with the bum leg!

    Play bows,

  6. so cute! The black one looks just like our Beast!

  7. cute indeed!! The friendly one with the toy looks especially cute! I'm such a sucker for tabbies. I hope the best for the lame boy, can't wait to hear his status.

  8. Such adorable cuties!! Awwww! Purrs also for the little lame one! Take care

  9. Yes, please keep us posted on the lame kitty!

  10. Oh, that first picture made Mommy smile. There you have 2 kitties staring out suspiciously and then you have the one with that red toy in his mouth. So cute!
    We're sending purrs for tiny lame boy. Please update us as soon as you can!

  11. Awww! Hope the lame kitty is on the mend soon!!

  12. Aw, they are so cute! We hope they become less scared.

  13. They are all PRECIOUS!

    new blog:

  14. Fingers crossed for the little lame kitten! Purrs and prayers too!

    Love that the scardy kitties are playing with toys, that's a great sign!

    Glad your flashy box seems to be working too!

  15. They sure are adorable. Purrs and prayers for the little one with the hurty leg.

  16. They are very cute! God bless your mom for helping so many in need!


  17. Awwww they are so cute, squeezable cute. I especially like the color of the little one with the red ball in the bottom photo. He or she reminds me of my precious Silver.

    Hope the camera issues work out!


  18. They are all so sweet! We're purring for the lame kitty and hope for good news soon.


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