Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday.....

Recognize this face???

This is Wendy the momma cat to the fast food boys. And last week during all the badness, she found her forever home!!! Mom didn't get to meet them, but she knows that the furry alien princess will have them charmed in no time. (all the boys were adopted a couple of weeks ago)

Other good news: remember the slobbery kids that were gotted from the evil puppy mills (read more here). Well, both Marie and Edison are going to long term foster homes!!!! Marie is apparently still pretty skittish, but they say Edison has come around quite a bit. Mom will get to see him on Saturday as she takes the first leg of his transport trip. We are all so very thankful these two are getting a second chance for a MUCH better life.

Doc came through surgery very well. Mom put him in the bathroom with the alcohol kittens but he was being a dork and wasn't being "quiet" so mom just let him out. And he proceeded to run around, beat on his sister, chase Junior and then climb up on the footstool to nap - until gravity kicked in and he slid off. MOL  Still no idea how Sally knew what was going on - mom made the appointment from work. We will try again in another week or so.


  1. We think there must be a spy at the vet place who let on to Sally what was lined up!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Doc is a lil fuzzy outlaw! A real "daisy" :P

  3. WE are so glad that Wendy found a home. That is always such good news.
    Doc, you are too funny. Just slid right off that footstool. Bet the Mom chuckled. How is Bourbon doing??

  4. That's great news Doc...and super news, kitties have found luvin homes forever..Yipeee.
    Big Hugs
    mollie and alfie

  5. This sounds like a heap of good news!
    Play bows,

  6. congrats to Wendy.

    dork.. LOL.. I love it when kittens are dorks!!

  7. Wonderful news about Wendy, Marie and Edison. Have a great life!

  8. Oh I am so happy for the babies who were adopted. xoxox to them and their new families.

  9. Yay for adoptions and foster homes!! Doc fell off a footstool? Is my Leo giving lessons or something?? MOL

  10. Sometimes, the kittie doesn't get the word. Dad kinda gave up on the 'keep the kittie quiet after a V*T trip' routine. If the kittie wants to run around and eat, fine by him. If the kittie wants to sleep, most of the time the kittie is better then Dad at spreading the word.


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