Friday, July 20, 2012

Thank you.....

Your words mean more to mom and to us than you will know. It is sad to have anyone leave us but mom feels the babies the worst - she says they have so much potential and none of it will be realized. The good news is that no one else seems to have any symptoms, so hopefully this will all be limited to Amaretto.

In related news, Annie from Krasota Castle has lost her battle and ran for the Bridge as well. If you remember, this crew of kittens had their naming rights auctioned off to help with the family's expenses. We hope Amaretto knows that and met Annie when she got there.....

We don't have many plans for the weekend. Mom mumbled something about a ton of laundry. Doc & Sally need to be vaccinated - so that is part of Saturday. :) (oh, and Doc is scheduled to be n-e-u-t-e-r-e-d next Wednesday - don't tell him)


  1. Hi Jeanne and Kitties of Random Felines!
    Wesa send our condolences about Miss Amaretto...but we wanted to share something with you.
    On Monday, on our bloggy Pugs & Purrs, we are awarding y'all with the Sunshine Award because we love reading your bloggy and you truly (even on the tough days) inspire us and bring sunshine into our world. Please come by that day. :)
    Mainly Purrs and some Snorts,
    The Slimmer Cats
    Socks, Jack, Percy, Luna, and Golden
    The Slimmer Pugs
    George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, and Mimi

  2. I bet some adult beverage is going to help you with that laundry..

    I do hope you do something 'fun' this weekend.

  3. We bet there will be warm laundry needing refurring.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Every human and animal has its time here on earth whether long or short to do what they are to do. Amaretto brought you joy while she was here and you gave her love. A good trade off. She went peacefully with knowledge of that love. None of us could ask for more.

  5. Leave's the laundry, haves a nice hot bubbles baff, not a cold bubbles shower likes I had :)Put ya tootsies up wiff a nice bottle of vino and some snacks :) If ya likes, I coulds pop round and help ya wiff the snacks !!! :)
    Big Hugs Mollie xx

  6. We were sad about Amaretto too. It is hard when it is the babies. We love that the Slimmer Pugs are giving you an award. No one deserves more than you do.
    Anyway, have yourself a fun week end.

  7. Mommy said something about setting up a bird bath / feeder this weekend for our viewing pleasure....oh, we can't wait!

  8. Paws crossed for the rest of the kittens, and their continued health!

  9. So glad none of the other kitties have symptoms!
    I hope Amaretto and Annie make friends at the bridge too.
    Oh boy, vaccinations and stuff.. that'll be fun

  10. Losing any of them is hard.
    But, I guess it's understandable on one level when it's a kitty that has had it's full life, the babies are more difficult to understand.

    But I think we all wish for ...
    one more day with them.


  11. We are so sorry about sweet little Amaretto. As you say, her little body just wasn't strong enough to throw off the illness. Run free, Amaretto!

    We are also so sad about Annie having to leave for the Bridge. She was a beautiful, sweet kitty. And we thought your auction idea was fantastic! Purrs.

    Laura & Taffy

  12. We didn't get around to many blogs yesterday and are so sorry we missed the news on little Amaretto. You all fought the valiant fight for her and she took you glove with her.

    Big Purrs,
    The Chans

  13. Our dad is in a golf tournament and our mom is doing a marathon.
    PS; Not the running kind. She said it's a Laundry Marathon. I hope she wins!

  14. I'm still sads about Amaretto and Annie. Makes mom sads too.

  15. Maxwell: LAUNDRY! YAY! I volunteer to come over and sit on the warm stuff out of the dryer.

  16. We're happy to hear none of the other babies are showing symptoms but still sad Amaretto had to go to the Bridge so early. Maybe she was meant to be there to welcome Annie?

    We are sure everyone will help with the laundry. In our house that's Sami's job and she does a Great job too!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku (Mom Eileen)

  17. Too many good ones going to the bridge this year. :(


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