Sunday, July 8, 2012


Mom thinks....

the flashy box may be DEADED!!!!  wahoooooo

(um guys - don't get too excited, mom is searching the web for info to fix it or replace it)

If you get a second, could you check out this post over at krasota castle? They are looking for some help from someone near NYC.


  1. Wheeeeee you will be Flashy Beast Free.
    Butt I suppose your mom is really sad that it is deaded.

  2. Oh dear. But I suspect that mom will have it fixed or find a new one soon.

  3. Not to worry gang, I bet that Mom will have something new or fixed right away. We all just couldn't stand it if we didn't have pictures of all of you. Take care.

  4. The flashy box is impawtent, kitties! Furry impawtent.

    I'll go look ..oh that about that sweet baby that went to a home in NC and they sent it away?

  5. MOL, you kitties may be rejoycing, but I bet mom is not.. Hope she gets it fixed up soon because we love seeing you!

  6. You kit-cats didn't have anything to do with it, did you? Ha roo roo roo!
    Play bows,

  7. Did you kitties have something to do with that? Don't get too excited, though. Cheap cameras a pretty easy to find anymore, so your Mom will likely be firing at you with a new flashy box before you know it.

    We remember one time our internets went dead, and when Dad checked, there was a puddle under the box. He always suspected Luna, but he never new for sure who did that router in.

  8. Me has tried and tried to breaks Mommy's flashy box! Takes advantage and do very photo worthy things while she does not has one!

  9. Sadly for me, my human has several backup cameras in case one does not work or the battery dies unexpectedly.

  10. Whoohoo! And even if it's fixable, it takes time...and that gives you all a break!!

  11. Yay! The flashy box is deaded! If not, just the fact that it's not working right is reason enough for kittehs to rejoice. :)


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