Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday.....

Let's see - the triple threat boys from the bathroom got dropped off this morning for their neuter surgery. Not sure if they are staying at the shelter or not. Normally kittens come back to recover for a few days, but there is a big adoption event on Saturday, so they may stay. They have come out of their shells a whole lot more, but mom is concerned that taking them back to the shelter is going to spook them again. Poor boys....

Breaking news: there was almost an escape!!!! Mom had the boys in their carrier and was about 3 feet from the door to the shelter when.....the carrier broke. She had the handle and the bottom part hit the ground. One kitten shot out the back, one out the front and mom dropped the lid on third. She grabbed him and ran inside for help. The big gray one (red ball in his mouth) was the one in the carrier. The smaller gray had shot around the side of the building and was under a bench. Mom baby talked him and he came to her so she could grab him. She headed back inside and Miss Kelsey from the shelter went the other direction for the brown tabby. Seems he shot under a bush and was yelling that he didn't like it outside. sigh... After this, neutering will be easy for them. :)

However, they are staying since there is an adoption event on Saturday so mom is a little thankful. She put the alcohol kittens back in the bathroom this morning so they can have access to food all day and Tim can stay out of time-out when they are eating. :) Which will make Tim pretty thankful as well. MOL

Mom got the idea for the tray from Robyn at love-and-hisses.
Works like a charm..... best investment of $1 ever....

There were a couple of questions about Doc from yesterday:
   1. What color are his eyes? He is actually bi-colored - one blue and one green.
   2. Aren't white cats normally deaf? Not always - but it is normally tied to blue eyes in white cats. So mom had presumed he might not be able to hear on that side. However, after some observation (that boy can sleep through anything), she is pretty convinced he is completely deaf and not just ignoring her. Miss Beckie though says she has some white cats with blue eyes that can hear and some with gold eyes that can't. So it may be more tied to the gene that makes cats white.
   3. LP - we already have a Maestro - and he isn't very interested in the blinds. :)
 (da old mancat - Maestro)

Mom says it is supposed to be a little cooler in the evenings and we might even get some much needed rain this weekend....maybe we will get some window whiffin in at night again!!


  1. I love the food/ dip tray idea for the kittens! If I get a chance to foster some one day, I'll try and remember this! :)

  2. BOL! Those poor kitties! I am glad that they didn't escape! It must have been a roller coaster ride for them! BOL!


  3. Oh the poor babies. I'm sure they were scared to death! I'm glad they were rescued. My hubby lost one out of a carrier and we never found it again. I was heartbroken....

  4. WOW... that was a near Escape. Glad it worked out OKAY.

  5. What a fright! For the kitties to suddenly find themselves falling out of the carrier and for you! Thank goodness you manage to get them all back. Whew.
    Reminds me of when it was time to spay Meow-Me. I had her in the carrier when I accidentally dropped it, and when I bent down, I clicked on the remote that opened the gate. And Meow-Me? Well, she RAN like a cat possessed. I found her in the drain and managed to get her with the help of a neighbor and hubby.

  6. "Alcohol kitties" - LOL! How adorable!

    Goodness - what a heartstopping moment when the carrier broke with gorgeous kitties inside! Oh dear! Glad all three are safe! Fingers crossed the neutering will go well and that they don't get too spooked back at the shelter in time for the adoption day.

    Take care

  7. If those kittehs aren't scared of the V*T before, they prob'ly are now! So glad they all stayed around for the rounding up.

  8. Oh, the carrier breaking is one of the most awful things! It happened to our group of volunteers more than we'd like, but except for a feral cat escaping we were able to get the cats back.
    The dip tray is a fantastic idea! I will look for it in the shops tomorrow!
    Good luck on the adoption event - I hope the boys find good homes.

  9. Wow, what an adventure those babies had! I hope they get adopted soon!
    Love how fuzzy those little booze kittens look! And little round abouts of kitties on the food dish! Too cute!

  10. Awww poor little kittens! Lucky they didn't get away!! Great idea with the food btw :o)

  11. Wowzers! That escape was SCARY!!! Glad everyone is OK now!
    Good luck to everyone!
    And really - what a cool eating dish for the little ones!
    Play bows,

  12. I love the feeding tray - it was a great idea. Fingers crossed on the adoptions this week.

  13. Sure hoping the boys get adopted soon. AFter their escapade it sounds like they aren't enamoured of being outdoors so hopefully will be indoor cats for the rest of their lives!

    Neat idea for the food tray...I wish I'd thought of that when I had six of them at home. :)

    Crossing my fingers you'll get rain and cooler weather for a little while!


  14. Oh Cod, we're purring that every single one of them finds a wonderful forever home that's as good as your foster care. You're so brave to do this. Our hats off to you!

  15. Holy cow the broken carrier was a nightmare!!!! The same thing happened to me when I was coming home from the vet last January with Kip and was awful. So glad you managed to catch all the kits :-)

    If Doc has one blue and one green eye, there is a chance he might be able to hear out of the green ear.

  16. Aside from evrything else going on there, we noticed that round divided tray and thought it was a GREAT idea. We've asked TBT to look for some of those at the dollar store and bring them to a shelter!

  17. One of our adoptable kitties tumbled inside her carrier when the car spun out on ice. She was fine, but almost impossible to get into a carrier again. And she howled in the car. They can remember! Hopefully, the boys will remember the adoption event more than the carrier event.


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