Friday, July 27, 2012

thumpin - the movies

All the kittens are doing well. The alcohol kittens will get a little more freedom this weekend since mom will be home a little bit more. Grandma and the kid came over Wednesday night and the kid convinced mom to let Bourbon out - the boy has some serious speed on him. :)

Anyhow, it seems somecats over at Katnip Lounge was tellin' tales about likin' to be whapped (we would link you right to the post, but the mom can't seem to find it). Then someone else posted about it too (we can't link you to that either can't mom can't remember who it was....notice a pattern here???).

So, in the interest of being involved, she decided to get some video of certain parties here (Tim & Tom) who seem to enjoy a good thumpin' on the backside. If mom really gets going, she says she can play Tommy like a bongo (whatever that is) but it requires 2 hands.

She says pardon the video quality - it is hard to thump well and video at the same time. Tommy is first and then Tim:


  1. I had to smile at Tim..I think he was about to say thanks but enuff. MOL

  2. That's it. I want Mommy to show me getting spanked. Because I've always wanted to be in pictures!

    xx CC

  3. MOL! We love having our rumps thumped too. Hahahaha.

    Love, Cosmo, Ling and Meow-Me

  4. I like that too, even though I have kind of a bony backend!

  5. It IS like the bongo drums! I was about to bellow "BABA-LOOO" like Ricky Recardo. Ha roo roo roo.
    I really hope your mom knows who that is...
    Play bows,

  6. PS:

    Ya know.

  7. MOWZERS... that's bongos all right! We cannot confirm or deny that we like it too...! * grin*

  8. I loves to have that too certain times through I'm more into chin scratching purrs.

  9. OMG I thought TJ was the only one like that. I call him my bongo kitty, he goes crazy when I do that. All purrs and rubs. MOL

  10. Well, a gentle whap as an invitation to WRASSLE is OK, but we dont like being whapped otherwise...

  11. Those boys sure like to be thumped, MOL

    Mom doesn't do that to us, but maybe we'd like it too?

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku (Mom Eileen)


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