Friday, August 12, 2011

Has it really been a year????

Mom was looking through our archives and realized it was a year ago today that we trapped Junior. Wow....

Check out the back story: caught-us-kitten  and then junior
you aren't going to touch me are you?
He was SO freaked out when mom first caught him. First couple of days she thought she would have to just release him, but now she knows she did the right thing by keeping him - despite the "no touching" rule. She has a weak spot for kittens. :)

these other kitties aren't so bad
but you still aren't going to touch me, are you?

We know some people don't like the term "semi-feral" but mom doesn't know quite what else to call him. He was probably about 3 months old when she caught him. And she really didn't know much about socializing feral kittens. So, she feels a little guilty that he got the short end of the social stick. And while he may not have much use for mom (other than knowing she can get the food container open), he does seem to enjoy the toys, the boxes and the other cats. He was even playing with our last group of fosters Ebony and Xander - running up and down the stairs!!!
(btw - he can't sleep here anymore - doesn't fit - haha)

Mom was sort of making progress with him until they had to catch him for vaccines. And then 2 weeks later to actually get his microchip in (didn't go in the first time). And then 3 months later for a blood test. Go figure he doesn't trust her much.

this is my opinion of you and the v-e-t

But, he is inside. And he is safe. And he really does love the rest of us. Mom loves his whine. Someday she needs to get it on video - it is pretty cute - and about the only noise he makes. And he is slowly warming up again. Mom caught him on the bed the other day while she was laying there before the alarm went off. He jumped down when she moved, but not when she started talking to her. baby steps.....

So, while mom may not have decided to actually "gotcha" Junior until April 2011, we are celebrating the day he was trapped today. And....for every comment, mom will donate $.50 to SOS of Ohio (through midnight tonight) to help them do more TNR (they are the group where mom took Junior, Bug and the neighborhood community cats for their spay/neuters)!!!

whatever - but mom says I have to tell you that
we will have a prize for one random comment


  1. Junior, your human is pretty wonderful to just accept you as you are. We're thrilled you were trapped and have a wonderful forever home--whether or not you ever trust two-leggeds doesn't matter! You're safe and loved and well-fed and cared for and that's absolutely what counts!

    P.S. Wonderful idea, the commentathon. Have you posted that on the CB news page yet?

  2. Greetings from Cassie and Aerin.

  3. Aw, happy gotcha day! We like prizes and are giving one away too today.

  4. Happy Gotcha Day Junior - you may play hard to get but we bet you were glad your were gotcha'd
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Beautiful brilliant and every so feisty Junior!! You certainly gave mum the run-around!! Awww but yay for being GOTCHA'D!! Happy happy happy Gotcha Day!!! You are lovely and a real sweet character! take care

  6. Happy Gotcha Day (yesterday) handsome Junior. We are so happy that you found such a wonderfully loving home.

    Shelly is our feral kitty, so mama can relate to a lot of what y'all have gone through....although Shelly quickly started to trust mama....for months she had BIG problems and would hide every time she heard or saw Sisterbean.....Sisterbean was the one that took her to the vet for her gardenectomy and then again to have her stitches out.

    Thankfully, five months later, she now lets Sisterbean pet her on occasion.


  7. Happy Gotcha Day Junior and I know you love your family ad are grateful for your home..of which you are an important part. xoxox

  8. Happy Gotcha Day, hon! Junior, no more feral stuff, now. Everybody's nuts about you and want to give you nothing but love!

    Have a good weekend!


  9. Junior is looking cuter and more content than ever! I think he is very happy with his home, even with unruly foster kittens around!

  10. Happy Gotcha Day, Junior! What a handsome kitty you are.

  11. Very happy to leave a comment for such a good cause.
    Isn't Junior just an adorable kitty. So happy to know he is a FORMER feral. That's the only kind to be.
    All the Sherwood Kitties are former ferals, or kittens of former ferals.
    KC has posted info about this commentathon on the Cat Blogosphere.
    She will also post today as Junior's Gotcha Day on her Offishul CB Calendar.
    Love & Purrs from all of us...
    KC, Missy Blue Eyes, Faith Boomerang,Sol, Smokey, Brutus Jr. and Mom ML

  12. Happy Gotcha Day, Junior! Aren't you glad you got gotted?? And what a nice thing your mom is doing by havig a commentathon to raise $$ for the animals! Have a great day!!

  13. So glad I saw this on the Cat Blogosphere. Junior you are one lucky kitty. And take it from our Mom the feral kitties make the very best cats ever. Junior will learn to trust you. It is amazing but they do learn. Now we do have one or two that we can't catch but that is not very many our of this whole group. Hope you make lots of money for the SOS. I would give anything right now if there was a TNR here in the town where I live. I can't even get the Low cost spay and neuter clinic to call me back. Ticks me off. Take care and have a great week end.

  14. Happy gotcha day and its a lovely thing your mum is doing.. Hugs GJ xx

  15. Happy Gotcha Day Junior. That is great that your mum is holding a commentathon for SOS

  16. Happy Gotcha Day Junior! Our Scouty does NOT allow touching either, but he is such a fun guy to have around, just like you. Semi-feral is a good thing, it's way better than scrounging for food!

  17. Happy Gotcha Day, handsome Junior! You are a beautiful "semi-feral" boy and you have a pretty great mom. Miss Kitty is our "semi-feral" so our human can relate.

  18. I can't resist adding a comment to say 'good work' - besides, I also can't resist orange cats...

  19. Happy Gotcha Day, Junior!!

    Well, Big Orange ManCats Are simply irrestable, aren't they?!

    All three of The Royals were rescued ferals, or bebe's of a feral mum, and we agree with mom ML, they are the bestest, because They Know they are especially blessed, and they repay the Love a hundredfold.

    Rose and the Royals

  20. Oranje kitties are almost as good as black kitties.

    Concats on getting got, Junior. You'll think it a really great idea once you get more used to the idea. Trust us on that.

    Anne Bonny
    Mary Read
    Two adopted strays

  21. Wow, Jan is tired. She read the donation as $50 and went back realizing it couldn't be right. It wasn't. It really nice of you to have a commentathon for Junior.

    Happy Gotcha Day,Junior!

  22. A wonderful happy GOTCHA to you Junior!

  23. That is wonderful that he is enjoying being a "kept" kitty. And even if he doesn't totally warm up to you, like you said, he is inside and he is safe.

  24. He is very cute. I'm sure is is glad to have a safe, warm place with lost of food. Even if he has to share it with those pesky two-legged animals :-).

  25. Hope your socialization efforts go well. Lots of interactive play with my scaredy cat helps her see that I am also fun as well as her feeder and taker-to-the-stabby-place! Also, and this is a pain, hand feeding him, even if it is just holding the bowl, might also get him to like you some more.

  26. Happy Gotcha Day, Junior! Bet you are really glad now. Love that last pic - real bedroom eyes that boy is giving. Thanks for all your efforts on behalf of cats.

    Laura and Taffy

  27. Happy gotcha day, Junior! My human had to isolate Boodie and pretty much turn herself inside out to get her to think humans are okay, and she still only thinks they are okay in small doses. So we know where you are coming from. Paws up on the commenthon!

  28. Being trapped by love is not a bad thing at all Junior! You are safe and cared for and have a forever doesn't get better! And what a generously big-hearted family they are. We hope that your special day generates a nice conrtibution to SOS of Ohio.

  29. Happy Gotcha Day Junior! So glad you ended up with such a loving Mom and forever home. Glad you ended up as a safe, indoor kitty. Hope you have some Num-Nums today to celebrate all the progress you've made. It is awesome that you are having a comment-a-thon too! Hope all you kitties have a great weekend!

  30. Happy Gotcha Day junior!!

    jay boy
    capu from Singapore

  31. Happy gotcha day, Junior! We think your mom is pretty terrific to love you for the awesome cat you are. Concats on finding such a wonderful, loving home, dude!

  32. Happy Gotcha Day Junior, that is totally wonderful and so it the commentathon!!!

  33. Happy Gotcha Day Junior and many, many, many moooooore!! We are so glad you are inside Cat now!!
    Your TX furiends,

  34. That is a heartwarming story. We think he is much better off now. All in good time, it will be worthwhile. We are sure he has lots of luv to give. Purrs.

  35. Happy Gotcha Day Junior. Thanks for sharing your story.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  36. Yesss! Happy Gotcha Day Junior!!!!!!

  37. Happy Gotcha Day Junior and what an important day of finding the indoor life.

  38. Dear Kitties,

    We have given you folks the "Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award". Come by our blog for details.


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