Monday, August 29, 2011

Wild weekend....

First - we hope everyone on the East Coast and at BlogPaws survived Irene - mom worried about you!!!!

Second, mom wrote it weird on Friday. Mohawk wasn't adopted Thursday night. But.....the lady came back on Saturday with her son and adopted him then!! Mom gave her our email address so we hope to hear updates. And we hope he is a great companion for his new sister Peanut.  Plus with Mohawk getting adopted, we hope that Gizmo can go back today and keep Bat company. Thanks to everyone for their help with the brain teaser.....obviously it was meant for Mohawk to go back when he did.

No transport this weekend. Mom likes to check on the fosters when they are back at the shelter and the only transport she could have done was mid-afternoon.

The weather was great this weekend....all the windows were open!!

And then mom got a call on Saturday night. Carol (the lady helping with the TNR) got a call from a neighbor and wanted to know if he could call me. Seems he was sitting outside on Saturday and this kitten came up and jumped into his lap. The kid took it inside but his dad said it could not stay. They agreed to keep it overnight and mom went over Sunday morning. She called the nice people at Noahs Ark and they agreed to scan him for a microchip. If not, then on to plan B....could they combo test him? No chip - but mom figured out when she saw him that he wasn't neutered, so she didn't hold out much hope. They tested him (and he screamed like a banshee) and he is....NEGATIVE!!! So, he can stay with us for a while. Mom listed him on but there was no listing for any kitten like him. He is about 5 months old and very nice - though mom tried to introduce him to Gizmo and the new guy hissed. Our local shelter is at capacity, so we aren't sure what we are going to do with him. Mom is going to put up flyers after work hoping someone is missing him.

Mom did have to do some math trying to figure out where everyone was sleeping last night. The new guy ended up in the shower (it has a door) and Greta and Gizmo were in the main part of the bathroom. Mom has let kittens out at night, but no one enjoys it except the kittens.....  At one point mom walked into the bathroom and Greta was on top of the shower door chirping at the new guy. :)

In the mean time, meet Mac:


  1. Oh, my...The adventures never end at your place. LOL.

    Mac's certainly a very handsome young fellow!

  2. Goodness, your house sounds like mine. But at least you have some leaving every now and then. I discovered this morning over at the house where I caught Magnolia, that she has a kitten. Darn it all. I don't know if there are any more than one. I only saw one. There is no way I can catch that one until I feed it for a long time. It is wild. Poor little thing. I feel terrible.
    Take care.

  3. You guys are always so busy! Way to go, Mohawk! Enjoy your new forever home!

    Mac, you remind us of our Gabriel - you're quite a cutie

  4. Yay for beautiful Mohawk!!

    And a big HELLO to adorable Mac!!! Take care

  5. So, does that revolving cat door at your house ever stop? Mac is a cutie-pie!

  6. Mac looks like quite a character! Paws up for Mohawk!

  7. I am very glad that Mohawk fot adopted and Mac is there with you!

  8. First, how do you keep up with everybody??? Congratulations to Mohawk. I'm glad he was adopted. Such good news! Funny, funny Greta!



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