Tuesday, August 16, 2011

gremlin update.....

Well the kitts were vaccinated this morning and will have surgery on Thursday. Presuming everyone makes weight....and that is in question. As of this morning, we have a couple right at 2 pounds and one just under 2 pounds. Mom asked about delaying, but they really don't have any other kittens big enough so mom will drop them off on Thursday morning and see what happens....

Greta is still freaked out by us. So long as she has room, she is OK, but don't get her cornered. Oh, and mom has seen her snoozing in the "superman" position.

The other four are having a blast....in fact, they played so hard on Sunday, everyone took a nap about the same time!!

Bat & Gizmo




  1. The kittens just make mom melt into a butter pat! Oh they are so sweet looking and Greta..I wish you could come stay with us..sorta. Mom wants you..I'm afraid I am not as hospitable. But I'm a grouchy older Lady Cat.

  2. We're sending purrs. Even 2 pounds is tiny, though we know that shelters can adopt the really wee ones faster than older kittens.

  3. It's okay Greta, really! Purrs to everyone!

  4. We are sending purrs for weight gain! Those little cuties are so adorable!

  5. Awwwww Mohawk!!! Awwww!! What an apt name for this very floofy kitty!! Me and Charlie know that Greta will be just fine - she's very safe and loved now!! And big hugs to Gizmo, Bat and Daffy! take care

  6. We´re sending our best good vibrations!

  7. The kitties are so sweet! We will be purring for them.


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