Monday, August 22, 2011

weekend update....

Another Saturday, another transport..... Buck was going from a shelter to a foster home. Poor baby had the party hat since he was neutered on Friday. He was rescued by Ohio English Setter Rescue.

Us??? We spent the weekend laying around....

Greta, Mohawk & Bat

Daffy & Gizmo


Tim - are you our mommy??


  1. Except for the cone, Buck looks pretty good. We hope he finds a wonderful forever home!

    We can see everyone had a great weekend of snoozing. :-)

    Re: Toby -- if he doesn't eat in the next day or two, that I see, I might attempt to get him in a carrier. It was an ordeal back in May when I took him to be neutered, so there's no guarantee I could get him again, though worth a try if necessary.

    -Kim, Nicki and Derry

  2. Buck sure has a pretty smile! Everyone else sure does look happy!

  3. We always like reading about transports! Been a long time since we did any pups, but they are usually so happy!!
    Your guy looks that way!
    ~ Anna Sue

  4. Poor Buck having to wear his cone - we hope he likes his foster home.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Buck looks handsome in hims cone!
    Poor Tim, all those kittens to looks after. Very cute capshun!
    We wants to thanks you fur coming to our commintAThone. We gets to gives a donashun to SAS!

  6. that photo of Mohawk is making me want to take a nap!

  7. Tim definately has a way with the kittens!

  8. I love that caption of Tim with the kittens. xoxoxo

  9. Buck sure is a cutie! We hope he finds his forever home soon!

    We can see you all had a relaxing weekend!

  10. Awwwww beautiful and amazing Tim with the little kitties! Awwww so sweet!!

    Glad beautiful Buck is all safe and sound!!

    Hugs to everyone! Take care

  11. These are very sweet photos. It looks to me like every kitty is just as happy as can be!


  12. We hope Buck recovers quickly and that he finds a safe and loving forever home in no time.

    So do you cats get paid when you kitty sit the fosters? Or at least money to order a tuna and anchovy double cheese pizza?

  13. Hi friends!!! I hope you have a great Tuesday!


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