Wednesday, August 31, 2011

not wordless Wednesday....

Good news: Bat went home last night!!! The family that adopted Mohawk came back for her.... the lady felt bad that Bat was left behind and her husband said "just go get her".  MOL She said Mohawk is doing very well - gives the dogs the halloween cat pose which they ignore. He is doing very well with Peanut, their cat with cerebellar hypoplasia. She said Peanut has fallen on Mohawk a couple of times and he just gets up and keeps on going. She has our email, so hopefully we will hear from them.

Daffy was adopted as well. But is appears that her microchip info got mixed up with Gizmo, so the facebook post said Gizmo was adopted with Simba (who Daffy was living with). So Daffy went home with Simba. Greta and Gizmo with go to Petsmart tonight (though Gizmo is now Daffy....confused yet??).

Mac is in the bathroom by himself. Mom is happy cause he is trashing the bathtub every night so he will have a little more space. Mom is having him neutered on Tuesday. We have put up posted and have him listed in a couple of places as "found" but mom isn't holding out much hope. So over the weekend she will start introducing him to the adults.

Mom was playing with the flashy box over the weekend trying to catch our whiskers. Spud and Ivy have some pretty spectacular whiskers and we hope you enjoy.....


  1. good news for Bat, yea!!

    Those are some nice whiskers, I especially love the floofy kitty!

  2. Great news for Bat! We really like your fabulous whiskers!

  3. Great news for Bat and for Daffy too! (Our mom always is confused. Ha.)

    We love your gorgeous whiskers!

  4. That is all such good news, that they got adopted. Those are great whisker pictures.
    Wish you could help me. Just need to find a home for these kittens. Thanks for the offer.
    Take care.

  5. Nice whiskers! And hooray for Bat! :)

  6. Yay for adorable Bat and Daffy and the microchip thing confusion - but all's well that ends well! Yay!!! Take care

  7. Great news for Bat and Daffy!!
    They are truly gorgeous whiskers and we enjoy them a lot :-)

  8. Bat and Daffy will be very happy!
    I loved the news!

  9. Such great news about Bat and Daffy (err, Gizmo)! May they be forever safe, happy, and loved!


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