Friday, August 19, 2011

Finally Friday.....

And look what mom found in a box on the counter the other night....

We hope you have a wonderful and cool window whiffin' weekend!!!  It is supposed to be hot here on Saturday and stormy on Sunday. sigh.....

The kittens all came through surgery very well. In fact, we could hear them playing in the bathroom most of last night. Greta has a baby cold, so she is on meds for 2 weeks but seems ok. They made a run for it this morning and were playing like mad when mom left for work. :)


  1. Boxes are the best! Nicki loves to eat them. :-P

    So glad the babies made it through just fine--purrs for a speedy recovery and extra purrs to Greta for her cold.

  2. Oh I love the contets of this box. I wonder if mommy can buy a box o' that?

    Mommy thanks you and so do I for the delicious Natural Temptations in my favorite (really!) flavor. And the mousie is over in my office cube! ready to take dictation.

  3. What a box of fun you found!!! I'm glad to hear that the kittens did great!

  4. Hello beautiful Mo!! Enjoy your box!!! Awwww!!

    Great news about the surgery- special hugs to sweet Greta! Take care

  5. YAY that the babies came thru just fine.

    Our mama says she would love to receive a box like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love to ya'll....have a funtastic weekend.

  6. Awww, come on the kitties are not such a bother that you are trying to ship yourself away, we hope! Babies can be exhausting (but we are glad all came through surgery well). Hope there is a break between the heat and the rain so that you can do some window whiffin'

  7. Here we love some boxes... doesn´t matter the size of it!
    Kisses and a good weekend!

  8. Cute photos :-) We had storm on Saturday evening. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  9. We love boxes, too! So glad the kittens did so well!

  10. We are very happy to hear that the kittens are all doing very well. That's so great. Mo, we like your new hiding spot, it's cool!


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