Monday, August 15, 2011

weekend update....

Our weekend was good - windows open on Saturday but it got warm again on Sunday and the windows were closed.. Since we live on the second floor, it gets warm pretty quick. Will fall be here soon???

The gremlins are having a good time. They are pretty active and fun to watch. Greta is still pretty fearful of the adults - fine if she has her space. But she got cornered by Junior last night when he decided to try to play with everyone and she had a screaming fit!!! Poor Junior slunk off...... Mom still is going to try to get video of him "playing" with the kittens.

Oh - and THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our comment-a-thon. Mom will be making her donation this week!!!

On Saturday, Mom transported....

    It was not a polar bear - this is Chumlee a 2 yr old Great Pryenees on his way to his forever home. He is just like your cousin dog Minnie.

If you say so, but we have never seen this Minnie creature either, so she could be a polar bear too.....


Oh, and mom found something for the car that she wants to talk about....
      If you look behind Chumlee, you can see a tan cover on the car seats. My mom was ordering from Harriet Carter getting these clips for seatbelts that you can use to move the shoulder strap over and keep it from digging into your neck (my other set was in my previous car and mom wanted a set for the truck). On the opposite page was a Pet seat cover. For the price, I figured it was worth a try. Now, it is one size fits all, so the fit isn't perfect. kept the dog hair out of the hatchback, the dog could be in the back seat and not have to jump into the hatchback, and it kept toenails off my leather seats. On cloth seats, this would be HUGE!! Now, I wasn't asked do to this review, bought it of my own accord, but this was great. (oh and be careful on their website.... you will wander around and discover all sorts of things you never knew you needed. LOL)


  1. Chumlee looks to be about the size of a polar bear. Ha! We're glad he's found his forever home! He must be as chummy (friendly, lovable, teddy-bear-ish) as the mom's angel Chumley was! :-D

  2. chumlee is prolly jus' a big ol' mountain of furs; we bets if you shaved off all his hairs, you'd haff a chihooah-hooah!;-)

    oh, yes! our beans add their approvals about the tan cover--we haff had one for several years, an' since the dbd (an' the blonde family of blessed memory, thor, sugarbritches, an' xena) are/were huge woofies an' haf great big clawrs, an' no car or truck seat has efur been harmed by them!

  3. Awwww Chumlee is gorgeous!! Awwwww how beautiful is that doggy!! Lovely!! And yay for these seat covers too!!!

    Take care

  4. We knew a woofie like Chumlee and get this: he gave small kids RIDES, he was so big!


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