Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cat Talk Tuesday....

The girls at Zoolatry decided we need to have a Cat Talk Time....

Here are some of our favorites:
snoopervising: making sure the mom doesn't mess with our stuff

crabillated: a cat who has had enough of the mom and everything else
(in Ivy's case, a semi-permanent state)

floofy: self explanatory.....

squee: cute times infinity  :)


  1. We love these words and snoopervising is one of our favorites!

  2. Great words, and snoopervising is purrfect!

  3. Those are some excellent cat talk words for sure. We love the word, snoooopervise.

    How did you get the cat to go all the way in the live trap?? And I can't just leave the live trap there, since we would catch a raccoon or skunk. Also how do you keep them from reaching over and getting the food without springing the trap?? Sorry for all the questions. I have trapped every cat here with that carrier.

  4. We love Squeeeee and think it is such a descriptive made up word - LOL!!!

  5. Yay for snoopervising, crabilitated, floofy and squee!!!! Lovely words!! Lovely pics! take care

  6. Snoopervising is A incredible delicious word!

  7. To use another cat talk expression this was a pawsome entry on all of the wonderful ways that we express ourselves.

  8. We are learning so much cat speak today! Some like floof and snoopervise belong, I think, to fur family in general because we woofies use them, too.


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