Saturday, May 14, 2011

freaking out....

I am freaking out and just need to get this down....

I took Swizzle in this am for follow up blood work. Her blood was really thin and her gums were pale. I had to get Chiclet to the adoption event, so the tech said why don't I leave Swiz and she would have the vet call me.

Which she did. Red cell count for a healthy cat should be between 32-55. Swizzle's is 10. Which is bad. The vet couldn't remember if a combo FIV/FeLV test had been done, so she ran it again. And it came back a mild positive for Feline Leukemia. I am freaking out.

I am taking the kittens over now to have them tested. I will ask if it could be a false negative/positive for them at this age.

The vet is going to send out blood work today for a PCR test for FeLV which is more definitive....but we won't hear until maybe Tuesday. She said if it is positive, there isn't much we can do for her but let her go. And even if it is negative, her chances may still not be good unless she can bounce back from this - and since we don't know what "this" is, there are so many things that could go wrong.

I managed to get through the event (no adoption for Chiclet) but started to cry on the way home. And I am crying again now.....

Please be thinking about us is going to be a few long days.


  1. Waiting for lab results is hard, so many 'what ifs' but however this turns out...she has known love and you know you have helped her...

    Many things can cause anemia in cats, some are treatable, most are serious and sometimes like searching for a needle in a haystack. Here is a good link to info:

  2. Could Swizzle have hemobartellosis? Just a stab in the's curable.

  3. I´m sending good vibrations!!!

  4. We will definitely lift Swizzle up in prayer!!! And you, too.

  5. We're sending purrs and purrayers that it's really not dire and is something treatable. (((Hugs))) and Light from us, to all of you.

  6. Me and Charlie are sending you all lots of hugs and purrs. Poor dear Swizzle!! We hope she and her babies come through this ok - hang on in there! Take care

  7. Paws crossed that everything works out.

  8. Oh, how heartbreaking and sad. I wish to heaven there was sonething else I could say besides the obvious.

    I am just so very sorry.


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