Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Like a lot of you out there, mom seems to be fascinated with our toes. Ivy was lounging on the end table by mom's chair last night and mom was able to lean over and get a good shot of Ivy's back toes. She HATES them being touched, so mom thought this was fun. Mom loves that since Ivy is a torbie (calico/tabby), her toes are pink and black both.....plus you can see some of the color variations on Ivy's legs.

Mo was being cute too, but again, mostly black hole pictures.... MOL


  1. I just know what mommy is thinking..."Ummmm....TOESIES! Ummmmmm".

  2. Our Mom loves toesies and we're happy you're showing yours so we can have a break! Adorable!

  3. Beautiful toesies from gorgeous Mo and adorable Ivy!! Yay! take care

  4. Our Mom loves the speckled toes. We have a calico here whose name is Gertrude and she is the nicest cat. We love calicos. Hope all of you have a really fun day.

  5. I think there might be some toesie ticklin' headed your way!


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