Friday, May 20, 2011

Foster Friday

Mom got to thinking about all the foster kittens she has had over the years. And she decided to start sharing some of the stories that she has collected that not everyone has heard.

So, today we start with Butterfly and her kittens (from January 2008). Butterfly was the first momma cat that came to foster with us. She came in with 5 tiny babies. One didn't make it but the other 4 seemed OK - but they were tiny. Mom was very worried about them and after some emails managed to get her put in the medical department. Once they were sure Butterfly was eating, they allowed mom to bring her home with the kids. Over the next few weeks we lost Willow and Sage. And mom was very sad since these were the first kittens that died while they were with us.

However, Marigold and Violet grew into lively and wild kittens. Mom took to calling them the "skeeter sisters" since they were tiny, buzzing around and they liked to bite!! Violet loved to wait until mom was distracted and then would gnaw on her ankles. One morning mom could hear them howling from the bathroom. She opened the door to find this:
this became Butterfly's new favorite spot!!

The vet at the time was concerned about the kittens coming back to the shelter since they had been sick. They allowed mom to post the girls online and she got an email from a nice lady and they decided the family would take the girls together. YEAH!!!

about 2 months old: Marigold (left) and Violet (right)

the girls and their new sister (about 6 months old)

Mom tried to email them for an update, but the email bounced, so we weren't able to find out how they are doing now, but we hope they are well!!


  1. We tried to do that fostering once and Little Bit never left since our Mom fell in love with her. Guess you just have to have faith that where they go will be a super home for them. Those two kittens are adorable. Have yourself a great week end.

  2. I'm sure the sweet ones are happy and healthy, it just seems right. Happy weekend everyone!

  3. AWwwwww what beauties!! And yay that Marigold and Violet found a forever home!!! What happened to gorgeous Butterfly?

    Thanks for sharing these pics! Take care

  4. Precious little babies and how good of them to take them in and make them part of the family. I so hope they are alright.

  5. We just know your precious charges have grown into beautiful well mannered lady cats who are safe and loved by their forever family! We also hope Butterfly found a place to call home.

  6. So wonderful that your mom does fostering!! Yay!

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  7. The last photo is too adorable!!!!! You make such a cute family :)

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  8. We think your mom is awesome for fostering. :)


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