Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Quick Update...

First, you have to check out the video posted on Jans Funny Farm. Mom still has the giggles.....

The kittens and Swizzle went for vaccines (mom read the records and realized Swiz hadn't had her distemper yet). Everyone was very good.  OK - not really...mom said that Midori and Martini hissed at everyone when the carrier door was opened. sigh....we are raising heathens.....

Oh, and we forgot to mention mom's hissy fit over the weekend. Several weeks ago she helped two of her favorite kitties at the rescue get adopted together. She was looking at the website Saturday morning and saw their pictures back up.  Huh???  Come to find out, they were brought back based on their microchip tags after animal control found them abandoned in an apartment.  WHAT?!?!?!  Mom is furry upset!!! The mancat seems ok, but the ladycat seems pretty upset to be back....mom is gonna spend some quality time with her tonight..... Her friend told her it isn't her fault, but mom feels guilty that these people "scammed" her. Granted, we don't know the circumstances, but if you can't keep them, bring them back!!


  1. Oh that stinks about the two kitties that were abandoned. They didn't even have the kitties that long and then to just abandon them - why didn't they just bring them back - oh I am SO mad right now. We are glad your mom is going to go spend some time with them - that will help them know it isn't their fault - it is the mean jerks who abandoned thems fault. And your mom didn't know so it is not her fault either - she was trying to help the kitties - we all know that and I guess you really don't know the circumstances - we think they just scammed her for some weird reason.

    And we are glad that the vet trip went ok - the hissy fits after the carrier are typical at our house but everyone is back to normal eventually.

  2. What do people think sometimes? That abandoned animals left in apartments or houses are just going to call a cab and go to a hotel! Unfortunately, there is no way to sense those types of people all of the time. When momma and dad lived back in Chicago, a neighbor in the building moved out suddenly to live with her boyfriend...and when they were going through the apartment with a friend interested in renting the place, we found her hamsters in their cage on the floor in her closet...and this was more than a week after she left! Still makes momma's blood boil.

    We hope that the perfect loving safe forever home opens its doors to these two furbabies... they deserve it!

  3. Wow that really steams me...what is wrong with some people!!!

  4. Thank you White Dog for the image of us cats calling for a cab....made mom snicker... (if only she would leave her call phone at home....hmmmmm MOL)

  5. Awwww these poor kitties!! How awful for your mum!! Me and Charlie are just glad this sweet pair are ok now!! Yay!! Hugs to your mum!!

    Yay for Swizzle and her babies!!! Awwww we love the popcorn kitties over and Jan's Funny Farm too!! Take care

  6. We can't believe someone would abandon those cats!! At least they were found.

  7. I understand how you feel - I had been scammed last December by a couple who took a pair of bonded brothers. Only to post them 2 days later as "will sell them separately" on Craig's List! Luckily, my Foster Home Coordinator happened to see the posting on CL and went with another PAWS volunteer to reclaim the cats. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!

    Mom Sue to The Furry Bambinos


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