Thursday, May 19, 2011

TNR Thursday....

Good news and bad news.....

Mom thinks she has posted before about that saying "we are only given as much as we can handle". Once again, she wishes someone didn't think she could handle quite so much.  She in fact like the chinese proverb/curse that says "be careful what you wish for, you just might get it".  MOL

Anyhow, the other lady helping with the neighborhood TNR is on vacation this week and able to leave the trap open later in the morning. She called about 10am and said she caught the other white cat. Yep - another girl. We suspect they are sisters - but either way can't imagine they aren't related. We named this one Annie and she is just a little bigger than her sister.

The neighbor lady called again about 3pm. SOS called and said....she has already had kittens and is producing milk which means the kittens are out there somewhere. sigh...... Mom went over after work and searched and her friend DeLynn came over to help too (everyone needs a friend that will drop everything to come tramp through the bushes looking for kittens). No luck. They let Annie out of the trap around 9pm (normally they keep them overnight, but the clinic said let her go due to the kittens) and watched where she went. Everyone is going to keep an eye out and try to find where she is hiding them. Mom wants to catch them before they get too big....

Oh - and she laughed about the comments about Mo yesterday. Everyone thought he was very handsome - mom thought he looked hung over. MOL!!!


  1. I know just how you feel on both points, be careful what you wish for and we aren't given more than we can handle.
    But I do hope you can find those kittens and the mom again. Or at least I hope at least the Mom finds the kittens again. Keep us updated.

  2. Awwwww me and Charlie are purring and praying that you all find this beautiful fur family!!! Thank you for all the fab work you do!!

    Take care

  3. Please do let us know. I am so hoping you find the babies and mommy.

  4. Oh wow, we hope that your mom is able to find Annie and her kittens quickly so that they can be taken care of. We think it really does sound like the Chinese proverb is correct this time!

  5. Sending LOTS of positive energy that the mama and babies are found so they can be vetted and receive proper care. And you are so right about the two sayings...


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