Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Update on the kittens.... has been thinking about them a lot. Hard not too....

So she sent the rescue lady a text this am. Here is the latest: they are doing well. (no update on Swizzle - sorry) They will be tested mid-June. Negative kittens will be moved and available for adoption. Positive kittens will go back into foster and retested at 90 days from that test. More than likely there will still be positive kittens at the end of this. Mom asked about getting them into rescue - we know it will be hard and we may get lots of "no" but at this point she needs to at least ask. Never know..... once we get there, we will post them here too and hope maybe someone out there know someone who is willing to take these kids. She was going to start looking now, but plans to wait and see what happens with the first test.

We think mom is just so used to shelters having the knee-jerk reaction of "positive = euthanasia" that she has to keep checking to see what is up with this lady. At least they are getting a chance.

Mom just paid the last bill and even with the rescue discounts, the total bill was scary. We are not getting treats or new toys any time soon.....but we know it was worth it. Even if mom is gonna have to catch us and torture us. Chiclet gets tested on 6/10 and Dr Taylor comes for the rest of us on 6/16. Wish us luck!!!
     screw that - wish the vet luck!!!

Oh - and to change the subject, this is the latest picture of our cousin Minnie. She went in yesterday to get her stitches out from her ladygardenectomy and got a bath. She is the Pet Doctors of America Pet of the Day (you can click on their facebook link and see her on their wall as well). She now weighs 60 pounds and is taller than mom's niece!!! We all think she just looks pitiful....   MOL


  1. I think there are some places that will take positive kitties if they can. One is the blind Cat rescue place I think. They have added a place I believe.
    Minnie is so cute.
    Take care.

  2. Yes, these days that shouldn't mean death, it is quite managable. Minnie is a cutie!!!

  3. Minnie is a darling looking pretty girl. xoxox to her.

    The kitties..I have wondered how that is going and my paws are crossed so hard that things go well. In the land of make believe, mom said she wishes all babies, kitty and doggy had a home.

  4. FYI - Blind Cat Rescue is one I plan to contact - I am just not sure if their new building is up yet. Plus Best Friends and there is a rescue in Michigan too. From there, the search will spread out....

  5. We're glad they ARE getting a chance. Shelters in our area would euthanize straight away, we guess. Unfortunate, but when resources are limited, efforts will go to those cats and kittens who have a good shot at being adopted. :-/

    Good luck to all you for your tests! Paws crossed for you!

  6. Aww thank you for the update on beautiful Swizzle's gorgeous babies. Me and Charlie are so glad they are safe and well and have a future for now at least!! Yay!

    Hugs to sweet Minnie - she's lovely! take care

  7. that is really amazing that they are willing to give them so much time. Holding on to kittens with such a thing hanging over their heads is so daunting, you (and they) are very lucky.

    I just keep my paws crossed they all turn out negative!!

  8. Positive kitties can live a long happy life with proper care. 'Positive = euthanasia' is so wrong. Your mom is wonderful to help the kitties and I wish them a happy future.

  9. So glad those kitties are getting a chance! Don't give up on them. Your mom is an angel!


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