Monday, May 23, 2011

weekend news you can use....

Let's see:
We were abandoned!!!!
    You were not...I was gone Friday night and got back Saturday night and Miss Carolee came to visit all of you twice....sheesh

OK - well, since the weather was nice, we will let you off the hook. Except mom says she is in the "doghouse" with grandma. Apparently grandma is trying to kill the chickweed in their front yard but everytime she puts down the weed killer, it rains. Mom was over there yesterday and told grandma she heard it was supposed to be nice through today. As she was leaving, grandma was making plans to put down the weed killer. And it started raining about 5am this morning....and is still raining....and is supposed to last most of the day.

There were some GREAT adoptions at CHA this weekend!!! 5 of the long term cats were adopted - Graco and Gabriella together, Krystal, Yvette and Peppermint. Graco and Yvette came in last summer, so this was great news!!!

And mom was playing with the flashy box last night, so here is some cuteness:


  1. Precious pictures of beautiful babies. My mommy would be zoomed over there to kiss all of you. She is SOOO annoying about that!

  2. Concatulations about those great adoptions! WE always love it when kittehs gfind their forever homes. :)

    And you're right ... those pictures are some serious cuteness!

    Have a great week, friends.

  3. That's so cool about the adoptions!!! YEA!!!!!!!! As former shelter inmates, Dave and I get real excited to hear that sort of thing!
    I love those houses you have in that first pic. I'd love a little hide-out like that! I wonder if they make them Sibe-sized!?
    Play bows,

  4. Yay for the kitty adoptions!! Brilliant!! Awwww these are beautiful pics of supreme cuteness!!! Yay! Mum was just helping grandma with her weeding but the weather would just not cooperate!! Oh dear!! hope you all have a great Monday! take care

  5. We love the pics -- definitely cuteness overload!

    Great news re: the adoptions -- hurrah! We hope they have wonderful forever homes!

  6. HURRAH for adopting out so many kids! We wish we had a double cube, just think of the games!


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