Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tabby Tuesday....

Maestro seems to be holding his own - thanks for the well wishes. He was sleeping on the bed again last night, so maybe he had the same bug that grandma had last weekend. :)

Mom loves to take pictures of Tim & Tom together. She knows they are related and their markings are very similar. But they have very different body types. Tommy has that big burly mancat body and head - mom likes to scratch under his chin to make him grunt. Tim is leaner and longer legged - and his head is almost triangular like an oriental/siamese.


  1. Thank you for visiting our blog yesterday! We've been looking through yours this morning and love seeing all of the kittehs! And we love Swizzle's name and the names of her babies. Please visit again!

  2. We're still sending lost of purrs to Maestro! Those pictures are sure cute!!!

  3. Maestro, mommy and I both send heavy duty purrs.

  4. Hang in there, Maestro! We're purring for ya big time. Our twins are different body types too...maybe their mama was a Hussy!

  5. We are glad to hear that Maestro is felling OK again. When they get older, they do have off and on days.
    Those other two are so cute all cuddled up together. Take care.

  6. Awwww me and Charlie continue to send lots and lots of hugs and purrs to sweet Maestro!

    Tom and Tim!! They're just beautiful!! Yay! take care


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