Sunday, May 15, 2011


I am learning more as I go.

There just doesn't seem to be much indication that this shouldn't have been caught. Best guess is that the first test done on her was done incorrectly, but that is just a guess.

For now, Martini tested negative and has been separated from everyone else. None of them can come back here since they may have exposed mine and could still test positive. Everyone will be retested in 6 weeks (not sure why that is the magic number) and we will see. I guess there is a chance Martini could stay negative or he could then test positive. And it is possible for the others to throw the virus and test negative. But not likely for all of them. And from what I have now read, kittens with it this early in life have an expected life span of 1-2 years. That is a tough sell.

I have a couple of contacts that I am going to reach out to. And if ANYONE knows someone out there that is willing to take on these kittens knowing what is going on, PLEASE let me know. I am invested and would go to some pretty long lengths to give them a chance.

In the meantime, the risk to mine is apparently pretty low since, while Swizzle was out, she wasn't overly friendly with mine. However, I am still planning to test everyone. It won't change anything here, but it will stop my fostering and it will help my peace of mind either way. Though I may have to come up with combat pay for my vet to test everyone here....I told my friend Kelly she is invited over for the run and to be prepared to video the events. ;)

Thanks for all your support and purrs and kind words.....there just isn't much to say other than this sucks.


  1. It does, and for what it's worth, believe me..I feel deeply for you. I am just sorry all this is happening.

  2. Thanks for the update. An amazing cat shelter/sanctuary near me takes in FeLV+ cats, Purrfect Pals ( I realize Seattle is far from Ohio though.

  3. Fingers crossed that the kittens may still tast negative...and I sure hope that your crew is OK...I think they will be. Hang in there, we're all working to help.

  4. six weeks is the magic number because it can take that long for the test to show as positive after an exposure.

    It is possible for the kittens to test positive but to fight it off and end up negative. Possible. A chance. doesn't mean they will. Swizzle being as sick as she is probably couldn't. most shelters do not have the resources to hold onto positive kittens HOPING they'll turn negative, so they are often put down. The first time that happened with a set of orphans I took in a number of people gave me a guilt trip about their being put down even though it was completely out of my hands. They didn't think of how their opinions would effect me. They just knew there was a chance, and thought they had a right to force us to try to take it, even though they were not willing to finanically help out these kittens, nor were in the area to take them in.

    I have been where you are. Even worse Jack turned out to be FELV positive (for about a year before testing negative). I can tell you that you will get through it.

  5. I will continue to send good and positive vibrations to you and your rescue kittens!!!!

  6. Thanks everyone. No matter what else happens, know that I am so very grateful for your support. And that the rescue is willing to house these kittens to give them a chance. Connie is right - most rescues/shelters won't take the risk and don't have the resources. I think for me what makes it so hard is that on some level I think this shouldn't have happened. That this should have been caught. However, I can't get hung up on that. It is just the emotional and financial investment that has come to this because a test might have been run wrong. For now, the kittens are safe and that is my focus.

  7. Awwww me and Charlie are sending our loudest purrs and prayers for you, your adorable kitties, amazing mum Swizzle and her beautiful babies!! We really hope some kind soul will take Swizzle and her babies in and love them just as much! Take care

  8. Excerpt from book on this subject:

  9. Tabby's Place has a guide and a list of shelters which take FELV+ cats. One is in Ohio!

    Hope this helps!

  10. We are sad beyond words. Sending White Dog healing energy and positive thoughts that something good can be salvaged and that the kitties find a place to live out their days in safety and love. Peace to Swizzle...and love to you all.


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