Friday, September 27, 2013

Random Friday.....

Mom was reading all the Remember Me Thursday post yesterday. It was wonderful to see the support for the movement. But even more than that, it was a good reminder to mom and to us that there are SO MANY people out there who want the same things we do. Another reason we love being part of this community.

Goose Maverick and Oliver (the fuzzy guy) checking out that trackball
Goose looks like he is snoopervising Maverick's inspection

How many monkeys can you fit in the cat tree??
Apparently at least four - mom didn't notice Maverick down below
until she loaded the picture. MOL
Middle shelf: Amelia (Dust Bunny), Goose and Oliver

no one does disdain quite like a kitten - MOL

We could use some purrs sent to our cousin Max.

Mom's brother called her the other night asking about some dental issues that Max was having. Mom said it was time to see a vet. Mom's sister-in-law (Max's mom since before she married mom's brother) sent her a text on Thursday and said they had been into the vet and got a diagnosis of cancer. Due to his age (he is about 16 years old) and the location, there isn't much they can do but keep him comfortable. He wasn't eating much but they discovered he will eat deli turkey. They are going to keep feeding him whatever he wants and give him all the love he can stand for whatever time they have.


  1. We are so sorry to read about gorgeous cousin Max. He is surrounded by love and is able to have some deli turkey - good stuff. We send him and his family many purrs and hugs, take care

  2. Many purrs to Max and his family.

  3. We're so saddened to read the news about Max and are sending our purrs and purrayers to him. When it's his time, we ask for a peaceful, gentle, merciful crossing.

    Lots of hugs and universal Light.

  4. Oh we are so sorry about Max It is so sad when they get old and sick. But it sure sounds like he has had a really good life with lots of love. Those kittens are all too cute. Take care.

  5. We're so sorry to hear about Cousin Max and are sending purrs to you all. We hope he will enjoy his deli turkey until it's his time.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

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  7. Oh poor Max. We certainly will send lots of purrs for Max!

  8. I'm very sorry about Max. It sounds like he has lots of loving care.

  9. We are sad to hear about cousin Max and the diagnosis. We're sending hugs and purrs to them. The human wondered if they'd tried plain meat baby food for Max.

  10. We are sending lots and lots of purrayers for Max - so sad that there is nothing to do - I would give him whatever he wants, too.

    Pet lovers please check out my homeless cat blog archives for some informative posts and stories about the cat abandoned/feral colony I manage.

    Debby in Arizona

  11. How sad for Max and his family. I am sending lots of purrs to them all.

  12. We is so sad to hear about cousin Max. We is sending our purrs that his mom and dad have lots of loves and snuggles with him before he has to leave for the Bridge.

    Mom lubs the kitties in the tree!

  13. We were happy to see all the support for Remember Me Thursday too. We're purring for cousin Max.

  14. We will be praying for Max!
    Love that tree full-o-kittens! The Dust Bunny is looking super adorable!
    Play bows,

  15. Soft woos of comfort and strength to Max and his family. The WDA sends their most powerful positive energies for pain management of both the body and soul through these days. We know Max is surrounded by love and is being given a Warrior's dignity.

  16. Poor Max. We're sending purrs and prayers that the palliative care will keep him comfortable and happy for as long as possible.

  17. Oh poor max. Many purrs sent to his humans at this time. That's so hard....

  18. purrs for Max, may they have a lot of good quality time together before it all ends..

    no one does disdain quite like a kitten - yup, couldn't agree more

  19. Aww, sending love to Max and his family. That's not easy.

    Those pics of the cats in the tree are too adorable!

  20. What a sad diagnosis. Our humans have been there. We are all praying for Max and his humans that they enjoy much love and companionship for all the time Max has left. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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