Friday, September 20, 2013

Random Fridays....

Remember we told you about the kitten our friend Miss DeLynn is fostering? Well, she is a tiny house panther named She-Ra.
Miss DeLynn said the kitten wasn't too sure about Jack the lab right away. See, Jack always helped with foster kittens when they lived here and he LOVES the babies. Well, this baby wasn't too sure about the big black monster.

Until the vacuum cleaner showed up. Then Jack was a much better bet!!  And pretty good protection too.  :)  She is doing well and running around the house. Miss DeLynn said it took them about 30 minutes to catch her last night to give her the meds and put her to bed. She will get an x-ray at some point to reassess her heart and see what (if anything) has changed or they can do to help her.

Mom loves Jake and Elwood.....but wow they are trying her patience. She came home last night and the kitchen was trashed. She knows they are teenaged boys and need an outlet, but oh my.....
 Yes....that is Jake outside the screen door to the balcony....with Mo sticking his head through the hole in the screen.

We have seen the meatloaf/breadloaf position before, but Elwood's elbows seem to stick out more than we see in other kitties:

Be sure to join us on Sunday!!!


  1. Elwood's meatloaf position reminds me of someone wearing a robe from old China with the giant sleeves that he'd put end to end so you couldn't see his hands. He looks quite wise and contemplative like that.

  2. The second picture is really funny... but I guess the trashed kitchen wasn't so much :-/

    1. especially when mom discovered two necklaces missing (she did find them later).....we know Jake isn't being mean, but sheesh. (and yes, notice mom took a picture BEFORE making everyone come back inside)

  3. The difference in size between SheRa and Jack is so extreme that he could wear her as a hat. We can see why she was afraid of him. We think Elwood's elbows are cute. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  4. Every kitty needs a protector from the evil vacuum! Oh Jake and Elwood are so fuuny!

  5. The boys must have lots and lots of energy to burn off! Did all that running around make you want to air out your armpits, Elwood? MOL.

  6. She-Ra is a doll...maybe she's a keeper? Elwood need tidy elbow lessons!

  7. Oh the fun of having kittens. They are so destructive. Good luck to you. Take care.

  8. Yeah, it does look like Elwood's elbows stick out more. What a great cat loaf!

  9. We can see the logic of She-Ra's decision-making process. We'd choose Jack over the vacuum cleaner any day!

    Jake and Elwood are crazy kittens, for sure!

  10. What a sweet little girl She-ra is...we hopes she is feeling okay.

    Jake and Elwood are sure naughty! But they sure is cute, MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  11. What a great thing that the big black monster is really there for the little one. Interesting that you call it the "meatloaf" position. My husband and I call it the "loaf of bread" position. And I agree with you about the elbows.

    Pet lovers please check out my homeless cat blog archives for some informative posts and stories about the cat abandoned/feral colony I manage.

    Debby in Arizona

  12. Jack is most fearless protector and i would feel most safe

    Pibble sugars
    Brinks and Bella

  13. SheRa must be feeling pretty good if it took them half an hour to catch her. We can understand her doubts about Jack, though.

  14. Jack the Lab ROCKS! I'd love to help foster kittens!
    Play bows,


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