Friday, September 13, 2013

Random Friday (the 13th).....

Spud says thanks for all the birthday wishes. He was kind of disappointed that no "birthday fairy" showed up to cart away Junior, but we think he will survive.

As for the rest of us....we may go into hiding. Goose and Maverick got sick and can't go to Petco. Hobbes was at Petco and is back due to snot. Which means that everyone except us and the Dust Bunny have the snot. RUN FOR YOUR....NOSES!!!!

Mo: Hey mom - why do some people say black cats are bad luck?

Mom: don't know buddy - I got some serious good luck when you joined the family.

Maestro is resting up - he has big plans for next weekend.....stayed tuned.

There were some comments yesterday about Spud's tail.....why yes, it IS pretty spectacular. :)

The weather is supposed to be MUCH cooler today. We are going to make sure the windows are open before mom leaves for works. Though she can't leave the balcony door open since Jake somecat keeps making a hole in the screen and going out.

OH - and with all the snotty kittens, Licorice is now up at Petco. She wasn't really thrilled when mom dropped her off so hopefully she adjusts soon and her new family shows up quick!!!


  1. Awww Spud! Happy birthday!!!

    Awwww poor snotty kitties! Hope they get better! Good luck Licorice!! Take care

  2. Have a good weekend with no more sick cats.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

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  4. We hope the snot brigade recovers soon!!! I've always thought that friday the 13th and black cats were good luck :-)

    Have a super weekend!

  5. Poor Licorice.

    I wonder if Petco needs to be disinfected.

    1. They bleached everything out but we think Oliver came with it and it is just getting passed around.

  6. Maestro, I am intrigued now...
    Have a great Friday and weekend ahead!

  7. Sorry you have snotty kitties. Hope they get better really soon. Hope Licorice finds that good home really soon. Poor thing. Have a great week end.

  8. Oh dear. That's quite a bit of noses running around in the house! We hope it clears up quickly and for Licorice to be adopted very quickly! :)

  9. Spud's tail is really spudalicious!! I hope someone comes to get Licorice soon! Sorry about all the snotty kittehs. That can't be fun (understatement of the year).

  10. Paws crossed that Licorice finds a home and everykitty gets over their sneezes!

  11. hope everee one getz over de runnin nose blooz N vereeeeeeeeee best oh fishes two ewe ya findz an awesum for evers home ~~~~~~~~ !!!
    hay, hope everee one haza flounder filled week oh end !!~~~

  12. Have a great weekend efurrybody!

    We hopes Licorice finds her furever home and all the sick kitties feel better furry soon.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  13. We hope you all have a great weekend despite having snotty kitties there. :)

  14. Oh boy, you guys look like you're ready for a weekend of snoozing! fingers crossed for Licorice! And for the snotsies!

  15. Hope you had a very happy (lucky) friday the 13th? Happybirthday, spud!

  16. Mom hates it when one of us starts sneezing or gets snotty. What a pain. We sure hope Licorice finds her home. We know she has been a challenge. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  17. We hope you're having a good weekend -- and that all those snots go away soon! Fingers and paws crossed for Licorice!

  18. We don't believe in any of that "bad luck" stuff!
    Hope the snots clear up!
    Play bows,


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