Tuesday, November 13, 2012

the gemstone kitts

Thanks for the comments yesterday. A couple of responses: We do have some vertical spaces. But Spud is not a "vertical" kind of guy. Mom has bought some beds and cubes so he can hide, but he won't get in them - mom suspects cause he feels trapped. About the Feliway- we suspect Dr T just hasn't seen great results with it and therefore is reluctant to suggest it (cause it ain't cheap) when the results can be so mixed. However, mom says she may have to consider it (hey lady - price of doing business).  Mom is going to lay out a couple more spots for food....since it mainly starts in the room with the dishes, she is hoping maybe that will help some.

An update. Everyone is doing great. Mom had them out in the family room in baby jail on Sunday and they had a blast.
Cory - he is the biggest boy and generally up to no good :)

 Emma - the tiniest kitten and already in "princess mode"
 Kyan - mom calls him spider cat - he attempts to climb everything

Opal - cute and she knows it

They are feeling much better and eating like mad and playing. Luckily no one has figured out baby jail yet - though the boys made a serious effort on Sunday. Oh, and mom has yet to get a picture, but there is a scratcher thingy on the back of the bathroom door. Mom walked in the other day and did a head count. hmmmmm.....no Kyan. She turned and there he was - hanging off the climber. :)

Cleo is doing well also. She does like to lay in the middle of the hallway and that can create some issues.

Oh - and mom talked to the rescue lady and they are going to get adopted through the rescue. YEAH!!!

And in case you need a laugh - beware the cute - it can be ferocious (sorta):


  1. Gosh they are cute. I bet they find homes really quickly. Too funny about Kyan hanging off the scratcher. Hope they all find great homes. Take care.

  2. The furs on the little kitty (last picture) looked like a baby hedgehogs!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. So glad the little gems are all doing well, and the pics are great!

    The Chans

  4. Glad that the lil ones are doing good! And its great news that they are going to be adopted they sure are lucky lil ones!

  5. Oh I am happy to learn they are doing better and happy babies. I love seeing and reading about them. I missed a few days cause mom didn't help me, so I am catching up. xox

  6. I'm so glad everykit is doing better! The gems are so adorable -- Opal just looks like all things innocent and sweet!
    Play bows,

  7. Too cute! We are sure they will find amazing forever homes when they are ready!

  8. Have you looked into spirit essences by jackson galaxy? There's one for fraidy cats that I'm thinking of trying for Leo. cheaper than feliway.

    Oh my gosh, those kittens are so cute! Glad they're feeling better. that last picture is FAR too adorable and cries out to be LOLed! lol

  9. Awww..those babies are so sweet. Especially love the last photo. All that fluffiness is enticing!

    Good to hear they are all doing well.

  10. the gems have that look of kitten innocence that reels folks in :D they are all such cuties. glad they are feeling better! mol at Kyan!!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie

  11. They are adorable. We hope they all find wonderful forever homes.

  12. The little gems are the cutest kittens every. I am so glad that they are doing well and will be adopted through the rescue. I have done separate feeding quite a bit. After Oja came out of her safe room, she still liked her meals in there for a while and lately I noticed that Oja and Spyro were nosing Herman out of his dish, so I was feeding Herman in the safe room. It has worked for me. Thank you so much for your kind words about Herman. They help me so much.


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