Wednesday, September 14, 2011

short note today....

The five snotty babies are doing SO much better. They are bouncing around and with one minor exception, all the eyes are looking better as well. :)

However, Trevor started acting like he didn't feel well yesterday. When mom got home from work, he was curled up in one of our condos and didn't come out at all. He is hot to the touch and pretty listless. Mom didn't see him move all evening and he was in the same spot throughout the night when mom checked on him. She did get him to eat a little canned food this morning and called the shelter - they are going to look at him this afternoon. Paws crossed please.....


  1. Oh Trevor!! Awww poor little Trevor!! Please get better! Hugs and lost of healing purrs your way! Take care x

  2. Oh please let there be good news. I am worried. xxxooo

  3. Oh Trevor, we hope you are all right. Maybe just a little bug of some sort. We will be looking for an update.
    Crossing paws and sending tons of purrs that you are all better soon.

  4. We hope you feel better soon Trevor and that you just have a little something you will shake off in no time at all!!
    Good news about the other kittens :)

    the critters in The Cottage

  5. Hope he is going well soon. Lovely cat you have. :)

    condo Philippines


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