Thursday, September 15, 2011

Let's see......

Mom woke up this morning....and once again our breakfast was delayed. sigh..... With Troy and Trevor out, she got ready for work and put them in the PTU before feeding us. But hey - we got it before she left, so we guess we will let it go.

Trevor still slept in the condo last night. BUT....he came out this morning and met mom in the kitchen. And DEMANDED breakfast!!! Since he isn't being neutered today, mom took him in the bathroom, fed the tiny kittens and gave him some canned food as well.

Hopefully we will hear something early enough today from the vet to give you an update. Or it may end up being some weird mysterious thing. Who knows....but at least he is out on his own and eating. So, his vet check today and Troy is being neutered.

The tiny kits are doing very well. No more snot and their eyes have cleared up as well. Wild and crazy - just tiny. We are still trying to find a canned food that they will eat lots of....right now they seem to eat a little and that is about it.

And now for names: mom's office has a client that she has been working with and her boys are pretty sick but they are animal lovers, so mom gave them the opportunity to name this crew. They picked names from the "Kingdom Hearts" video game.

So, we would like to introduce: Kairi (the girl - dilute tortie in the corner), Cloud (the gray boy with the white spot on his chest), Roxsas (the striped boy - looking up at the camera), and Riku & Sora (the gray boys).

Be sure to turn up the volume - they are screamers!!!


  1. Oh those wee sounds. I know..shrill and sharp and loud but a total joy to hear for us this morning. We also know we are lucky not to hear them constantly but those little voices just make us smile so much. Look at those little tails!!!

  2. Oh goodness you kids sound just like our little Mahoney. She can squeak so loud.
    Our Mom wants to know what that is that the babies are in?? Is it a dog crate or cage. We want one like that to put Mahoney in so she can meet the rest of the gang so they don't eat her.
    You kitties are so darn cute. Wish Mahoney could come play with you.
    Take care.

  3. Glad to read that little Trevor is doing much better! Hope he is now on the road to recovery! Purrs to him and Troy!

    Awwww your new batch of kitties are adorable - so so so so tiny!! Awwwwwwww!! Lovely! take care

  4. Those video kitties are quite the talkers! Their cries got YoYoMa excitedly looking all over for the cats! Sending continued White Dog energies to Trevor...and the newly neutered Troy.

  5. :-D Ahh! The joy of kittens, says our mom :-D Those little ones are screamers AND climbers, mol! We like the names, too. Our mom had a hard time getting Hollie to eat can food consistently so she started mixing in a fishy flavored food and that worked.

    Keeping Trevor and Troy in our purrs.

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  6. Sending our good vibrations ever!!!

  7. Screamers?? No, they are squeakers!! I just love those baby kitteh sounds.


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