Tuesday, September 20, 2011

slightly late weekend update

Mom is still struggling with the new computer. She tried to get the wireless thing hooked up by herself but no luck. And when she called technical support....let's just say we learned some new werds from the bad werd list. (don't worry we plugged the kitten's ears) Can anyone explain why calling customer service is never a "service" and they never seem to fix it anyhow? And who wants to get computer technical help from someone with an accent you can't understand in the first place??? sigh..... Fortunately, last night she made 2 discoveries - she was once again a cable short (but found it under something) and brothers who are computer geeks can come in handy (yeah uncle rob!!). So, now she has the laptop and is wireless (and has discovered she is going to have to cut her fingernails to be able to type - wonder if WE get to do her manicure??).

Oh and get this - she just discover this is post number 400!!!
As for the crack of the middle of the night, she was up at 4:30am on Saturday to take the grandparents to the airport for their vacation. She came home and went back to bed for a little bit before getting up again to take another polar bear on a transport.
       I keep telling you guys - they are Great Pyrenees, not polar bears. This is Maggie about a year old on her way to her forever home in PA. Nice girl, but she drooled like a fountain. And about half way through the trip she suddenly sat up in the backseat and BARKED this deep bass bark and almost scared me off the road. :)

Trevor is feeling MUCH better. The v-e-t suspected it may have just been a heavy load of parasites and must have been cause the panacur seemed to work. He was bouncing around this weekend and slept in the bed with us and Troy the last few nights. They are also having a blast playing with Mac (who still needs a home). He will get neutered on Thursday. Hopefully there is some great adoptions and they can get back soon. If not, we think the shelter has started putting fosters up on the website....
they are going to be disappointed when they both don't fit anymore

The tiny kittens are getting bigger. Mom moved the pen into the living room for a while on Sunday and sat on the floor with them. They are pretty bouncy though a little jumpy when something new happens. They are still pretty tiny, but mom dewormed them and also found a new food they seem to like better (of course it is more expensive and in smaller cans....she is sure it is a conspiracy).

yep, that is Trevor in the background

And just for fun.....


  1. It's always a crazy-busy weekend around your place. LOL. Such is the life of a rescuer and foster mom! But we bet she wouldn't have it any other way. :-)

    Concats on post #400, guys, way to go!

    And we're glad you have family that can help with computer problems. LOL.

  2. Hooray for 400 posts! Hey, the little ones are so cute, and the big one is cute too! I'm glad the laptop is all set again!

  3. OMC! Crazy sweet and aren't those little baby meows so pathetic?!

    Glad to hear Trevor is feeling better!

    Computers.Argh.We phoned a "technical service with person who barely spoke english" once... when we first got our laptop. They "helped" us by freezing our entire system!! Seriously. We had to get a new computer!!

    the critters in The Cottage

  4. Kittens! Our Mom luffs kittens. They're cute... in pictures. Just don't bring any in our house!

  5. 400 posts...CONCATS!!! It sounds like the crew is getting healthy...I can only imagine the sound of the stampede for the expensive (hee hee) food!

  6. Oh my... the tinniest babies are so beautiful!!!!! I love the video!!!
    I´m glad to Trevor to be better!

  7. You're a real seasoned blogger...400 posts already! :) I can imagine that will all the activity going on in your house, you are never short of stories to tell! xx

  8. Oh the beautiful kittens!! Awwwww when they squeak my heart just melts!! LOL!

    Hooorah for Trevor - great news!!

    And mum's adventure with Maggie made me and Charlie laugh!! Awwwww what an amazing doggie!

    Take care

  9. Congratulations on post #400! May you chat us up 400 more.

  10. My heart melts too hearing those precious little voices and seeing them. Trevor..love you buddy and so glad you're better.

    Mommy here to tank you for your purrs and comforts sent to Admiral while she is in the hospital. means the world to us both. xoxoxoxo

  11. What a beautiful Polar Bear is Maggie :-D We are so glad to hear Trevor is better. Troy and Trevor are both so handsome, we hope they'll be adopted quickly (and together - that would be cool!).

    ...sigh...kittens! :-D

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  12. Glad Trevor is feeling better and that the computer has been whipped into shape. Such cute kittens - how do you ever let them go?

    Laura and Taffy


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