Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How rude.....

Well, mom set the live trap again for the calico. Apparently there are two of them at the end of the road and the one doesn't look so hot. Mom was going to trap last week but it rained most nights. So, last night she went out later and set the trap with the gushy fuds in it. And this morning she went to check.....the trap door was - UP. sigh...and then she looked closer...and that darned big calico was sitting about 4 feet from the front of the trap!!!! Now mom is on a mission. She thought later to get a picture but forgot the camera was in the car. Anyhow, she put the plate of food in front of the trap after springing the door and will try again tonight.

Note from yesterday: yes, that was Mac falling very ungracefully from the condo. Goofy boy. :)

The gray kits are doing better. They are TWO containers of food this morning. Mom is going to have to shop tomorrow again.....She treated the fleas, so hopefully we can get everything under control...and then they get another bath. MOL

Sora (bottom) & Cloud

Mom was trying to get pictures of them together. She wasn't having much luck but the outtakes are cute:

Yes, that is the girl, Kairi, trying to make a run for it in the first 2 pics. sigh......


  1. Oh they are so sweet looking. Those little tails are so adorable ad appealing. I can almost hear their high little kitten voices. Thank you for helping them. <3

  2. The third picture turned out really well! They are real little charmers xx :)

  3. Kairi, Sora and Cloud - beautiful names for such delicate kitties! Yay!!

    Me and Charlie wish mum luck in catching these elusive calicos! Yay for her - hope her back is ok now though! take care

  4. Hi Guys! What cute kittens! I could have a riot with those guys. I wanted to thank you for coming to my birthday pawty! It was fun seeing you guys.

  5. I love the last picture, they are too cute.

  6. Mom loves those kitten pictures, she missed that stage with all of us. The youngest one of us came at 6 mos. and the oldest was 13 yrs. and with two of us - no idea, but definitely senior.

    Happy Belated Birthday to Mo!!


  7. They are so beautiful and so deserving of the kind help you are giving them. Thank you so much.

  8. That first pic is too cute for words, Seriously.

    GOOD LUCK with the trapping!

  9. Such cute babies, they look just like Jimmy!!!

  10. The little ones are way too cute! Good luck with the calico fur sure!

  11. Thank you for loving these little babies! They are adorable. :)

  12. They are so adorable! SQUEEE!! Good luck with the strays. We hope you're able to take care of them.

  13. Kitten blurs! we hope you can get the calicos.

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  14. Hola Kairi, Sora and Cloud! Welcome to the world. rio from barcelona


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