Friday, September 30, 2011

Who knew you could get THAT in the mail???

First - Kiari and Cloud update: fecal...negative. We are stumped. The vet is supposed to call mom this afternoon. Oh - and we are sure they looked nervous yesterday - they were still at the v-e-t when mom got the picture on her phone. And this was BEFORE the b-a-t-h......
      11am updte: Just got a call from the vet - and it was LESS than satisfactory. She kept saying - we would normally recommend hospitalization with antibiotics and iv fluids. Really?? That is your best answer. No good reason for anything else...ok, except to say that they could have a parasite that just didn't show up as it might not be shedding. I live this vet office, but this is the first time I have dealt with this particular vet and I am less than impressed right now. So, antibiotics at home and metronidizole (I know I spelled that wrong).

Mom was home sick yesterday....she had a case of the "blahs" and the sinus thing plus finding Sora. Of course, there wasn't any rest to be had around here - the condo association was replacing our roof. It sounded like we were being invaded by rabid woodpeckers - it was loud enough on its own but the sound made all of us run around like mad or try to hide. Mom went to work this morning cause it is the end of the month, but we suspect she may be home sooner than later. Seems half the office has been sick and she was hoping to avoid it.....appears that may not have worked

As to the mail - we knew you could get some strange things from Amazon, but this is new:


(no kittens were actually shipped to create these pictures
(not that a few adult kittehs weren't tempted) but those boys sure love this box)

OK, and one last thing. In the auction to help Annie, mom bid on some soap from Pricilla. They came in the mail the other day and smell AWESOME!!!! Mom was very excited and used the first bar this morning!!


  1. We love Pricilla's soap too! We prefer the Monkey Farts fragrance for obvious reasons...

    We hope your Mom feels better today!

  2. Did you get soap kitties or paws as I did?

    Hope efurry kitteh and mom in the household is well by now. xoxo

  3. Every kitteh I know loves boxes...seems like a rather uncomfortable cat bed to me, but what do I know? MOL. I hope you get the health situation straightened out.

  4. Big hugs to mum! Hope she gets better!! And hope the roof is now replaced and all is peace and quiet! And purrs for Kiara and Cloud! And Sora!!

    Yay for boxes!! Take care

  5. We hope your mum feels better soon. Purrs to everyone.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. some kittens fail to thrive, and it sucks.

    Food is pretty important right now, what are they being fed? Can a higher quality high animal protein diet be introduced?

  7. The Farm cats love boxes too. Silly cats. I think they are tasty to munch but that is about it.

    I am very happy you like my rich soap.

  8. im going to have to check out those soaps!

  9. We hope your Mama feels better...inside and out...real soon! We have our paws crossed that the kittens will be ok.
    LP LOVES soaps.She just might have to check those soaps out!! :)

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  10. Oh, cool! I'll take one of each!
    Sorry to hear about everything that's been going on!
    Play bows,

  11. What a great box! We sure hope your mom and the kittens are feeling better soon! Purrs,

    Pip, Smidgen, MInnie, Hollie

  12. Purrs to your Mom for feeling better ASAP and purrs to the kitties for health and feeling good. We are so sorry to hear about Sora, that is so sad. Also we wanted to say a Belated Happy Birthday to Mo!

  13. I hope your mom feels better soon.
    Looks like Mac and Trevor are enjoying the box very much. Cute pics :-)


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