Friday, September 9, 2011

Mo Cats Day

Mozart says: YEAH!! It is a day all about ME!!!!
    um, yeah, about that - it isn't about you buddy

Sure it is - you call me Mo and I am a Cat - so it is my day. The picture clearly says "Mo Cats Day".
     nice math, but your name is Mozart and that is besides the point. read the WHOLE box....

Oh come on......people really got wound up about cats on the internet?

So how are we going to celebrate?
    well, I thought since black cats (and dogs) are the last to be adopted, we would celebrate "mo" black cats - you could be the ambassador.

I guess that would be OK. Why are black cats (and dogs) overlooked?
    I wish I knew that. I don't know if they just don't get noticed or if people just have some weird superstitions or if there are just more of that color, but it does seem that way.

That is kind of sad mom. What can we do?
    I always tell people coming into the shelter about our awesome black cats. And in the meantime, we can suggest where people can go to adopt "mo" cats.

Sounds great - here are our suggestions:
1. Chrystal from Cats with your Coffee has some great adoptable cats. There are the grey girls and even a black kitten named Bagheera. You can go here read about Winnie's Wish.

2. Check with your local shelter or rescue group.

3. Check out Petfinder

4. Check out the Back in Black promotion being sponsored by Best Friends

OK - that was great mom. And keep telling people to adopt rescue cats!!! I am exhausting and taking a nap to continue the celebration.

OK - some fun video from the shelter where mom volunteers. This is Smudge - 1 yr old neutered male. So much fun.....and just adorable. :) He was watching another cat - Magnolia Lily - drink from the faucet and thought he would try it out. His technique needs some work - though he certainly doesn't seem to mind getting wet.


  1. Mozart, we think this should be your special day with that name Mo. We agree, more stuff should be said about the black cats. They are just as good as any other color. We love our three Black cats here. They have super personalities. Take care.

  2. Perhaps Smudge wanted to cool off too while he was taking a drink.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Awwww HAPPY MO CATS DAY!! Me and Charlie think black kitties are ADORABLE and oh so clever just like you sweet Mozart and gorgeous Smudge! Yay! take care

  4. Mozart...mommy loves you. Yes..she does. Not just sayin'.

  5. What a great Mo Cats Day post! And, uh, Mozart... I think it IS your day!

  6. We say YAY FOR MO CATS DAY!!! and Mo black cats too :-)

  7. Great post, Mozart! We love black kitties, too, and think your shelter's Back in Black promotion is really pawsome. :)

    Have a great MO(ZART) CAT DAY!

  8. I think Mozart should be able to celebrate Mo Cats Day if he wants to! Da Mo the Merrier when it comes to cats in general, and black kitties in particular.

  9. Tinker, thanks for sending me Birthday wishes!
    OK, we are gonna tell on our Mommy about black furkids..........until lil Buddy came along, ( a black cock-a-poo that apparently was dumped down the street from Mom's Levittown house), Mom never wanted a black furkid. All she could think of is how hard it would be finding ticks or fleas on them. No one wanted this puppy so ....of course mom and Dad took least for that night. He was kept out back since she already had a dog, Heidi, a rescued St. Bernard. Dad slept on the lounge out back so the lil black puppy wouldn't be along........Mommy was shocked! The next night her oldest son slept out there and the next night Buddy as he then was called, was in the Mommies bedroom!!! Then a black kitten showed up in the backyard, Shadow, he stayed too. Thank goodness for those flea combs and putting ceramic tile throughout the house!!!! Luke was Mommies third black furkid and all are so very, very missed angels.......
    October around Bucks is not the time rescues like to put black cats up for many crazy humans not liking black cats...... :(

  10. Well, I think black cats are the bestest!! Happy Mo' Cats Day!


  11. Hi! My name is Carlos Raphael Camaro & I'm an all black kitty. I think the reason why peeps don't want black kitties is THEY ARE SO HARD TO TAKE PICTURES OF!!! Mom uses interesting words when taking mine. My furs are really fluffy and shes always saying I just look like a big blob. Not very flattering!

  12. We are totally behind you on this! Poor black kitties and pups... always the last to go.

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  13. Mo black cats day is a great idea!! I hope more black cats and dogs will be adopted.

  14. Hmm, I thinks maybe it is supposed to be your Day Mo! Excellent post. Plus we went back to your other posts because we are behind in visiting and want to say that your Mom made you all a very cool condo!


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