Tuesday, September 13, 2011

From 100 to 105 to 107 in 24 hours....

Thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday! Mom broke out a big bag of treats when she got home from work to celebrate. Love - Ivy & Spud
Mom got a text on Friday morning from the rescue lady where we helped with Chiclet and Swizzle and the chickens. She said she had 5 6-week-old kittens that were a little snotty and could we take them - they were left at the dog shelter. Mom knew that the local shelter was full so she said sure and agreed to pick them up after work on Friday. This is what we got....

Mom is pretty sure they are not actually 6 weeks old....even if they were tiny due to lack of nutrition, their eyes are still kind of blue - mom is guessing maybe just under 5 weeks old. 1 girl - a dilute tortie and 4 boys - one the tabby in front and then 3 grays. No names yet.... The snot isn't too bad, but a couple have some eye issues we are keeping track of and treating. They are eating well (love that canned food) and using the box and playing and asking for attention. :) They got baths last night as well - mom was petting them and they had nasty flea dirt. And she put up the pen to let them run while she sat in there with them.

Then mom checked her email on Saturday and found an email that 2 kittens had come into the local shelter and as far as anyone could tell, we were the only open foster home (there isn't really good relations between some rescue groups, so mom tries to keep it under the radar that she is helping both). This pair was healthy but the only housing was with some sick kitties in the back and they would like to get them out asap. So, mom took them too. They are probably about 3 months old and due to be neutered on Thursday - just need some adoptions after that so there is space for them to go back to the shelter. One of the dog walkers found this pair walking along the path behind the shelter. Troy is the brown tabby and Trevor the gray/white (these guys came with name). They were SCREAMING at the shelter and all the way home in the car and in the 2nd bedroom, so they have been out all weekend. Mac thinks they are AWESOME. Troy is laid back, but Trevor is still hissy to everyone (though getting better). Sunday morning mom woke up to all three kittens piled up next to her pillow in bed. MOL




  1. I love the spots on Troy's belly!!!
    PLay bows,
    PS: Your mom ROCKS!!!

  2. Oh wow!! The first batch of kitties (only 5 weeks old?!?! AWWWWWWWWWWW!) are just adorable and so sad looking - awww poor babies!! Glad they are safe and loved now with mum!!

    Trevor and Troy are just gorgeous! Yay! And yay for mum!! What a star! Take care

  3. OH babies...all of them are precious little lives and so dependent on kindness which they have found with you and I am grateful on their behalf.

  4. Those last two are awesome. The first four, the poor things do look a little sick. You are so great to take them in. I loved your remark about the rescue groups. I sometimes wonder about some of them. You sure are nice to take care of everyone.

  5. yea!! covered in kittens.. I love it. I'm sure that snot will be gone in no time now that they are getting fed well and lots of love.

  6. Aw, they are adorable! Thank you for loving them, and taking such good care of them.

  7. HURRAH for more lil' tots being cared for! I wonder, do kittens take up as much of the bed as giant house sloth cats?

  8. Oh the kittens are so adorable!! You are wonderful to take care of them...they are lucky. I hope the eyes will heal soon.

  9. Bless you for all you do for these foster kitties! Trevor and Troy are both beautiful! We hope the other little ones are feeling better soon.

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  10. Wow! A full house...full of kitties...and love!

  11. Happy belated birthday to Ivy and Spud!!!!! xxx

    What a lot of cuties you have in. Our mum says there are very few things more satisfying than getting all the flea crud off a little kitten, and getting them all fluffy and clean and comfortable. We're sending big purrs for your bunch to get snot and eye goop free very quickly.

  12. We hope all those little kittens feel better and healthier now. Thank you so much for helping them all. xx


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