Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend wrapup....

Mo: Thanks for the birthday wishes. Mom broke out the treats yesterday a couple of times - even though I did have to share. Oh, and I tried to help her with her back (a muscle in her back seized up on Saturday - she is doing better today).

The gray kittens are doing better and eating like mad. found fleas on them again - thought we had fixed that. Now she is wondering if that isn't causing some of the problem so she treated that and is checking about another med for parasites. But - they are active and yelling to be fed, so that is great. We are glad you guys are purring for them....

Mac, Troy & Trevor are having a blast together. Still no floor space, but mom is going to ask about putting them on the website until they go back. It has been done before, so she is going to check. Mac is still the most uncoordinated kitten she has met - nothing wrong with him though - she tells people he is like that teenage boy who grows 6 inches over the summer and just doesn't have any grace yet.

Mom drove a couple of transports this weekend. The one on Sunday was planned but the one on Saturday (the kittens) was a last minute thing since one of the drivers was bitten by a spider (yuck). Mom says everyone was great travelers this weekend - no drooling and no barking. MOL

Lulu - 4 month old and blind

Monte - 2 yrs old and lost an eye


  1. Oh you mom is an angel. I he she knows..I hope I hope... what a service she is doing for these babies. I sure know it and so does my mom. xoxoxox

  2. Mom fixed the link to Thomasina and her babies blog.


  3. Sounds like everything is going okay, knock on wood. Purrs to your mom for her back--and of course to all the babies!

    We hope all the sweeties being transported will have forever home soon!

  4. I'm glad you had more Birthday treats! Many, many purrs to all the little ones.

  5. Sorry we missed your birthday Mozart, hope it was a wonderful day!!! (we don't often get a chance to visit on the weekends) Sounds like your mum was super busy...those babies are in good hands :-)

  6. Happy Belated Birthday! Those fleas... hate 'em. Our Mom is having a time with them right now too.

  7. Is Mac the kitty that keeps falling out of the hole in the cat tree!?!? LOL!! He's hilarious!! Awwwww!! Yay for Mac, Trevor and Troy!! Awwww good luck to them! Hope the fleas on the grey kitties are sorted - but at least they're happy and playful!

    And hope your mum's back gets better!! Awwww she did ever so well transporting these sweet gorgeous kitties and woofies. Awwww Lulu and Monte!! So cute! Take care

  8. We hope your Mom's back feels better and that she forgets to put the heaty pad away!
    We have never had fleas but they sound perfectly AWFUL.

  9. We hope your Mom's back feels better soon and we're glad you got treats for your birthday!

    We think your Mom is awesome for helping so many animals!

  10. Happy Birthday to Mozart.... Ohhhh back problems. Hoping your mom feels better by now. Back problems just make everything hard.

    pawhugs to you, Max

  11. We hope your mom is feeling better now. Ohhh ... and Rescue Rocks!

    Happy Birthday to Mozart.


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