Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend review.....

This is Gryff. He is one of four cats living at our rescue vet's office looking for homes. Well... Gryff got lucky and went home on Saturday!!  Good luck big guy....

Most of the weekend was spent helping Cumin adjust to the house. Mom opened the play pen on Saturday and let him come out on is own.

He finally braved up and checked out the living room. Mom was hoping he wouldn't spend most of his time under the sofa and on Saturday he never even went UNDER the sofa. He was under there for a little bit on Sunday, but came out on his own.

He has checked out everyone here. Saffron still is very sure he is evil and growls at him. Goofy girl....
Amelia doesn't seem to care about him one way or the other...even when he is bothering her nap on the lounger.

"Hey foster-mom-lady.....this cat tree is a pretty nice place to snooze"

This picture cracked us up. Junior likes to sleep on the top of the tree - the better to make sure no one sneaks up on him. Cumin can climb up to the middle shelf all by himself. 

And of course he spent some quality time with Uncle Tim. Tim was sleeping on the top shelf of the tree and mom put Cumin up there. He snuggled right up....

He still flinches a little when mom reaches for him too fast, but he is having a blast being out and running around. Saffron was warming up (a little) by Sunday afternoon. Apparently the new guy is fun to chase so long as he doesn't get too close. :)


  1. Sounds like Cumin's making great progress!

  2. Cumin is very cute! Once he decides humans are okay, he is going to be adopted so fast! At least that is my prediction.

  3. Yes, he seems to be making terrific progress and settling in just fine!

    P.S. Hurrah for Gryff!

  4. What a lovely little mancat in training and we hope he'll get his now home very soon.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. That picture of Cumin and Tim is over the top SWEET!!!
    Play bows,

  6. Those are some cute kitties!


  7. Cumin looks like a junior version of Junior. And good for Gryff. I like to read about cats going home.

  8. de last pick sure bee price less guys...N hay...junior...ya sure cumin iz knot ..... "related "

    :) !!~~~

  9. It's good to see Cumin becoming more comfortable in the house.

  10. Hooray for Gryff! We hopes he will be furry happy in his furever home.

    Good to see Cumin getting more friendly...and of course Uncle Tim is helping out, MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  11. ConCATS to Gryff and his new family! :)

    Yay for Cumin getting more comfortable. We just knew that Uncle Tim would be doing his part!

  12. Stopping by to wish Ivy a Happy Calendar Cat Day

  13. Junior and Cumin and them Tim and Cumin... too adorable. What a sweet little guy that Cumin is. I hope he gets braver with time!


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